31 December 2013

Obligatory year-end post!

Along with most other bloggers, here is my take of the 'previous year/upcoming year' madness!

I have to admit, 2013 was an improvement over previous years.  Just on the blogging view, there were more posts here than several previous campaigns.  I do try to hold to the 'one-post-a-week' theory; it fell short this year but closer than before.

Some miniatures were actually finished in 2013!  My long-suffering First Legion of Ever Present Glory troops became the first to be fixed into the basing style that should work, no matter what comes.  Much more needs to be done, but progress, however small, can be stimulating and I hope the trend continues.

The element basing that I have chosen will also help me keep up some momentum.  It has been a sticking point for a longer time than it should have, but no more.  I will make the rules fit the basing and get on with it.

My Tékumel naval project also took a turn, for the better I believe.  Abandoning the 1/600 ships for 1/1200 might be seen by some as a step back, but I really think that it is going to work out in the long run and I am looking forward to getting on with this also.

There are a few other loose threads to deal with soon...

The first is the lack of game-play.  It has been far too long since I have pushed the troops around on a table-top (we are talking years here).  As the projects get farther along the line towards completion, that will be settled.  I am looking forward to the games, maybe even (though probably not this year) returning to local shows to play games, perhaps even hosting them!

Another is the nagging desire that I have to get a historical project off the ground.  Ancients would be the logical arena, but narrowing down 3000 years or so of history is a problem unto itself!  I really want to do something along historical lines, however;  we will see.

Finally, I want to say thanks to all of the people that visit/follow/comment at this little corner of the 'Net.

Happy New Year!


17 December 2013

No posts!

I am mostly off-line - our router decided on an early retirement!  The replacement should be here and working by the week-end...


06 December 2013

A brief note...

Some time ago, I had started up another blog (!!) concerning some medieval miniatures that I had purchased.  In the thought and hope of simplification, the posts from that blog (only a small amount) are being moved to this one, and the blog deleted.  Thanks to Alan for being the one and only follower over there!  If I ever get that bug again, I will continue the series here.


01 December 2013

MAATAC, maybe?

In a sudden fit of inspiration, I dug out those long-abused MAATAC miniatures of mine and subjected them to more torture:

Two views of the same thing!  Two Terrans, one Carnivoran, and two Entomolian vehicles wearing some snowy paint.  I did make the mistake of giving the center Terran a grey wash before putting down the camo pattern, and the Entomolian camo is not quite finished.

24 November 2013

Tékumel naval, part 10

Before I start to abuse more miniatures, maybe it would be nice to post some pics of the subjects before undergoing the knife:

This is a Langton deceres, which is destined to become a zírunel

Two pics of a goblin miniature, 15mm in size, that will supply the basis of a new prow for the zírunel.  At first glance, it does look a little large for a 1/1200 ship, but I intend to blend the head into the ship structure somewhat.  Hopefully the conversion will look something close to OK once the knife is set down!

Also up for consideration are a few more add-ons, such as towers, and a decision on nationality - is this a Tsolyáni vessel, or is it Mu'ugalavyáni?  Blue, or red?


17 November 2013

Hlutrgú and a Priest

These were finished at the same time as the Ever Present Glory troops, but only now are being photographed.  First up, a priest of Hrü'ü:

Very simple scheme compared to others.  I did not try to add lettering to the scroll - that might be a bit beyond my meager skills.  The face mask is pure speculation also.  This miniature, if I recall correctly, is from 1979!

And, two Hlutrgú:

The leader of the warband is on the left, with a shaman on the right.  The leader is wielding a weapon converted from a Sérqu trooper.  Just one more left to finish off the Hlutrgú warband.


10 November 2013

Head hunting?

Not much in the mood for painting lately, but I am finding something to occupy myself:

I am in the process of coming up with a plan for my 1/1200 ship miniatures, and the few modifications that I think would be needed to give them a bit of Tékumel flavoring.  If you look at this excellent post at Pagálnikèlikh gàQadóshumashumámrakoi, you will see some artwork that I find very interesting and I intend to shamelessly steal the inspiration for my own!

So, I am digging through some old miniatures, looking for heads and other bitz that I can use.  In the pic, above, you will see several different types of 15mm miniatures, fantasy and historical, that might be useful.  There are some 10mm figures around here as well.  Then, I will need to come up with a plan...


03 November 2013

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 15

It has been a long time; here is a finished result:

Three elements of finished troops!  That is not quite right... For the time being, these three elements will represent three cohorts, three separate units, of Tsolyáni heavy infantry, as my table space is limited.  In the future, I hope to have more room for a larger table, and then these three will be equal to one unit in a game.

Any way, these three are done.  More views:

And, a couple of pics on the future playing surface:

I am not sure why, but the color of the felt is grey in pics.  It definitely is not grey in person, but more of a light tan.  The felt and the base edges are much closer in color than it appears above.  The bases might have come out with a little too much green flock on them, and the mix might change for the following elements.

This marks a turning point in this project.  For so long, I was not certain of the basing scheme, but I have settled on one I like (those are 60mm squares), and everything will be based around that idea.  Also, these were the easy ones.  The only work for these elements involved re-basing painted miniatures.  The rest of the troops are not finished, and progress is going to slow down.  More miniatures are waiting for completion:  three more elements of Ever Present Glory troops - archers; three elements from the Legion of Sérqu - more heavy troops; and three elements of Ahoggyá.

Then, of course, I will need some opposing forces...


29 October 2013

Ahoggyá, part 6

Here is a quick work-in-progress pic of my first element of Ahoggyá:

And, another:

Slowly, slowly coming along.  I am not staying with one color for the Ahoggyá.  This element will have some variation: two brown, one grey, and one buff.


23 October 2013

Foot troops, part 1

Another set of pics on some of my first purchases:

OT05 Scots Spear

 OT19 Billmen

All of these are from Claymore Castings.  It would not be too much of a stretch to interchange these miniatures, to add variety to your units.

19 October 2013

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 14

Another week, another pic of my poor, abused Tékumel miniatures, specifically the First Legion of Ever Present Glory:

I painted the base, and after letting that dry coated the back half with Liquitex Matte Medium, then quickly dumped an assortment of flocking materials on the wet medium.  I am a bit concerned about the interior spaces of the base, where the brush found it difficult to reach.  I hope that I have not, once again, painted myself into a corner with these miniatures and my basing scheme.  The fluid but reasonably slow drying Matte Medium should do the trick, though, as compared to PVA or a similar glue.

This first base of troops will sit under the dusting of flock for a while, then we will see if it worked...

Meanwhile, another pic of a slightly different part of the desk:

More miniatures, waiting their turn!


12 October 2013

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 13

Another poorly lit pic:

Work continues on the rebasing of this fine legion.  On the left, the base has been replastered, and it will receive a new coat of paint shortly, then a new bit of flock for decoration.  On the right is the start of the command stand for the legion.  I have tried to save as much of the original groundwork with the command stand, but now I am not sure that was a good idea.  I will make it work, one way or another!

Also, one can see the difference in the shield trim.  I forgot to repaint the shield on the right-hand base before gluing it down.  Quite a difference.


05 October 2013

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 12

Just a brief update with a pic of some of my long-suffering miniatures representing the First Legion of Ever Present Glory:

That is the first element of them with their new shield trim.  The element is not done yet, as I still need to finish off the base.

Also shown in the pic:  some of my Sérudla, waiting their turn under the brush; a couple of priests and a Hlutrgú that just need their bases decorated; and some Ebor WSS troops...


28 September 2013


After a bit of a break, I have re-started work on this project.  But before I flood my hobby table with miniatures, I ought to put some thought into a plan!

First off, I do not intend to use the miniatures for skirmish battles, no matter how tempting it will be to do so.  This means that single basing is out, and element basing is in.

Second, rules.  I have a couple of sets that I think would be suitable.  My preference will lean towards simple and quick sets, suitable to element basing.

Third, a schedule of purchases.  Much of this will revolve around the rules chosen, so as to prevent too much duplication and overstock in miniatures actually needed for the project.  Also important for this aspect will be to have an actual list of units and therefore miniatures, flags, etc. to buy.  I am going to avoid willy-nilly purchases and then try to assemble units afterwards!

15 September 2013

Paint stripping, part 2

It has been a while since I started this little experiment.  But before seeing the results, here is a pic of the test subject before taking the plunge:

The little fellow on the right is the star of the stage.  I do not remember the name of the miniature; it is from a range of D&D miniatures from WoTC a decade or so ago.  I intend to use it for a slightly different genre - as seen here.

So, what happens after a two-and-a-half month soak in Dettol?

99% of the paint and primer came right off under a stream of hot water and some gentle scrubbing.  I think that if I had a stiffer brush most of the rest would have come off as well.  The miniature had a mixed bag of coatings on it - enamel primer and acrylic paints.  This is quite good enough to start over!  NOTE:  Do remember to wear some gloves and eye protection when handling/scrubbing miniatures fresh out of a stripping solution - the left-over paint was quite messy when I first removed the miniature from the vat...


22 August 2013

Try again?

Once again, I find myself wondering how so much time has gone by since the last post.  Of course, not working on the plan makes it difficult to produce content!

However, the gears and cogs are slowly turning again.  Housecleaning has turned up some old almost forgotten books, and a recent purchase is going to add to the stack as soon as it arrives (hopefully tomorrow).  I will post pics soon, most likely on the week-end.

Two more issues need to be sorted - theatre of operations and rules.  I would like to work on both a WW2 segment and a sci-fi segment for the project, using the same basic terrain lay-out.  A long time ago, I told myself that if I ever got back into 6mm it would be in a setting that would be completely different from the settings I was using for larger size projects.  This advice is being ignored and I am leaning towards a desert setting at the moment.

23 July 2013

3rd Tékumel art Kickstarter...

Jeff Dee has started his third Kickstarter for Tékumel artwork - take a look!  The subjects this time around are some of the Beasts of Tékumel, and the stretch goals are the non-humans that had not been covered previously.


20 July 2013

Hobby table...

I have not posted a pic of my hobby table for a while:

Lots of old projects on there, but some progress is being made, albeit slowly.


07 July 2013

Basing, and a small conundrum

Slowly marching on here, and some pics to prove it:

Here you see one of the bases I will be using for the mass-battle portion of my Tékumel stuff.  On the right is a 60mm square of 3mm thick plywood, from Litko.  On the left is a piece of magnet, also from Litko.  The magnet is self-adhesive - one peels off the wrap from the magnet and it sticks to the bottom of the base.

And, the first test subjects (apologies for the quick and poorly-lit pics!):

Ah, my long-suffering First Legion of Ever Present Glory troops!  I popped them off their washers in order to glue them to the 60mm square.

The first rank of troops, glued down to the base.  With the front rank being ones with leveled spears, I took some care to get this rank far enough back on the base so that the leveled spears will be mostly on the base, mostly...

And this is as far as I got today.  Two issues popped up at the same time as I looked at this.  One, the miniatures are going to be tightly packed onto these bases - a good thing in my opinion but there is a catch:  it would be difficult to terrain the base if I glued all of them onto the base at the same time.  So, I will need to start the groundwork and then glue down the front rank, then finish off the base.

Second is a quirk that has lingered in the back of my mind for a while now, and it is the shields.  I do not remember where I saw the paint scheme - maybe the official Eureka painted miniatures or another pic on the 'Net, but I painted the trim on the shields red.  Now, in the 'canon' army guide to the Tsolyánu forces, it clearly states that the shield trim should be black!  Now, my rivet-counting and bricole-gathering days are pretty much over, but I think that the black trim might be better looking, and I am going to go with it.  It will not take too long to re-paint each unit as it comes up for rebasing.


26 June 2013

The first pics...

And now for some real content:

OT01 Command

This is the first set of command types from Claymore, usable by the Scots and English forces.  One shield, pictured at right, is included in this set.

WP01 Weapon Pack 1

And, for more variety, Claymore offers a Weapons Pack with more bills and shields.

24 June 2013

Paint stripping?

I hate to admit that there are some miniatures in my collection that need to be stripped (yes, ones that I have painted myself!)  Now, there are a lot of different methods and materials for paint stripping, but one that is often bandied about is Dettol.  Unfortunately, it seems to be a product of the UK and not generally available in the USA, until now...

I now have a bottle of Dettol (hopefully the right stuff), and it is available in the USA via Amazon; it ships directly from the UK.  I ordered a small bottle just to see if the hype is correct - we will see as I have already dunked a miniature into a glass jar of the stuff!


23 June 2013

Medieval battles...

As yes, yet another blog!

This one I am hoping to keep strictly history-based, using the awesome miniatures from Claymore Castings as a basis.  Now, the battles might not be historical, but historically plausible.

This will be a slow-boiling pot, as I have other projects on the go but I do hope to give this some attention.

22 June 2013

Tékumel naval, part 9

And now, a closer look at the Langton ships:




These are among the largest ancient ships that Langton makes.  For Tékumel, they will fill the role of the zírunel, the largest of the common classes of warships.  I believe that they are larger warships plying the oceans of Tékumel, but they are rare and I will not worry about them, for now...

Roman quinquereme

Carthaginian quinquereme



The next step down in size, these are slated to represent the qél for my Tékumeli navies.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the relatives sizes of these miniatures are very close.  This will allow a lot of variety, not only for different navies but also within a particular empire's navy (Langton has other miniatures of this size that I have yet to purchase).




These three miniatures are markedly more narrow than the previous four, as well as being slightly shorter.  For Tékumel, I think these will work as the srügánta, although the hemiolia is a bit smaller than the other two and might be better as a séscha.  Out of these, the liburnian is especially appealing with the stern platform.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the appearance of these miniatures.  There is still work to do, as the representation of a séscha is not fully set yet, and there are a couple of trireme variants I would like to look at before setting it all in stone (heh) for the building of some flotillas.


09 June 2013

Tékumel naval, part 8

The first flotilla of Langton Miniatures (ordered through Waterloo Minis) has arrived:

They are looking good so far; I just need to sort them out by size to match their Tékumel counterparts.  I think that I will need a few more samples as the smallest ships types might not be covered...


03 June 2013

Tékumel naval, part 7

I'm trying to decide if I should set a different course on this project, due to several factors.  My source of very inexpensive Xyston ships has dried up; table space for a game is at a premium, and I still have nagging doubts about the Xyston ships themselves - they just do not look right.  So, I have taken the opportunity to order a small sampling of other ships - 1/900 Valiant ships, and 1/1200 from Langton.

The first set of ships has arrived - from Valiant:

A trio of Heptares.  Although a length for the miniature is given on the Valiant web site, I was still surprised at them.

Here is a closer look:

Looks like assembly will be straightforward, although I seem to have too many starboard-side oar banks (see the bottom ship in the above pic).  I will send off an e-mail about that.

No matter what scale I finally choose, and I can see using a combo of 1/900 (for larger ships) and 1/1200 (for the rest especially cargo ships), I intend to use some of the ideas found here.


01 June 2013

Ahoggyá, part 5

Slow but steady progress on the first element of my Ahoggyá:

These miniatures are a fun build!  I have noticed a few things, though.  With the main body being resin, the long pewter arms/weapons tend to make the miniature top-heavy, which has led to some minor frustration as I have tried to assemble them.  The second item of note, which is purely my own fault, is the orientation of the shields on the left arms.  In the pic above, you can see my concern - the shields are angled downward, which makes the colorful Tékumel shields hard to see.  In future builds, I will correct this.

If one looks closely at the right-most Ahoggyá, one will notice a problem - the right rear arm is missing!  Why?  Because I broke it while trying to bend it into a different position:

Here it is prior to pinning it back together.  Looks like I get to try my hand at repositioning a shield sooner than I had previously thought...


18 May 2013

Ahoggyá, part 4

Back some months ago, I had a system organized for how I wanted my first Ahoggyá unit to look.  All of the arms were laid out on my workbench in just the right order.  Then, we re-organized the hobby area and everything was packed away.  Scroll ahead to now, and I can not remember exactly what I had done!  And, of course, no pics of the entire set...  So, today I set out to fix all of that.

This is what I had to work with (a pic from some time ago):

But, this is just all of the pieces laid out, not in the order I needed.  Starting from scratch, I was.  To help me remember what was going on for the next time, I found some of my handy storage units and divided the pieces for specific Ahoggyá:

In this case, the arms of each individual Ahoggyá went into a specific container, along with a note to help me remember how I wanted the arms posed:

The note is a little diagram of where I want the specific Ahoggyá on the base for this unit.  These Ahoggyá will be representing the Legion of the Dancer Without Eyes, 2nd Imperial Ahoggyá Auxiliary Heavy Infantry for the Tsolyáni forces.  Two more groups have been sorted, one more for the Tsolyáni and one for the Yán Kór.


14 April 2013

Some handy storage...

I have been working some long hours lately - 56 hours last week - so the productivity is dropping even lower than normal!  But, I am getting the urge to paint again so some real content will be posted shortly.

However, here is a post about how I like to store my growing stash of bitz:

These are the packages that we get vinyl electrical tape in at work.  The translucent material makes it easy to see what the contents are without popping it open, and although it is hard to notice in the pics there is a bit of a rim on the top that makes stacking much easier.

And here are two with an assortment of Ahoggyá arms.