22 August 2013

Try again?

Once again, I find myself wondering how so much time has gone by since the last post.  Of course, not working on the plan makes it difficult to produce content!

However, the gears and cogs are slowly turning again.  Housecleaning has turned up some old almost forgotten books, and a recent purchase is going to add to the stack as soon as it arrives (hopefully tomorrow).  I will post pics soon, most likely on the week-end.

Two more issues need to be sorted - theatre of operations and rules.  I would like to work on both a WW2 segment and a sci-fi segment for the project, using the same basic terrain lay-out.  A long time ago, I told myself that if I ever got back into 6mm it would be in a setting that would be completely different from the settings I was using for larger size projects.  This advice is being ignored and I am leaning towards a desert setting at the moment.

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