30 June 2014

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 16

This is the next element of my Tsolyáni army:

Archers of the First Legion of Ever Present Glory 

These miniatures are only primed.  The lighter pair have been primed with Vallejo Grey Surface Primer.  After using the product on a few miniatures, I am not very happy with the results, as the finish seems to be very 'slippery' and does not take paint well.  It would not surprise me if I am doing it wrong, but there you go.

The other four have been primed with Liquitex Neutral Grey Gesso.  I have used black gesso on other miniatures in the past, but I have not tried it on my Tsolyáni troops as I am hoping that the lighter primer will help with making the colors of the Tékumel troops that much brighter in turn.  The grey gesso, though, seems to have a shiny finish, and it will be interesting to see how paint goes on to it.

I might just go to using black gesso as a primer for everything, depending on how my Aztecs look...


28 June 2014

The table as it were...

Just a brief post - what is on the painting table this Saturday?

In front are the Aztecs and conquistadors, Boschenberg musketeers, and nasty baskets (err, monsters)!  Also shown:  my next unit for the Tsolyáni forces, and more musketeers.

Not shown:  one of my week-end tasks is to go through and sort out a bunch of old paintbrushes, looking for those that are still usable. 

(And, this is post #300... )


14 June 2014

Work in progress

Just a quick pic from the desk:

The big basket on the right, some Boschenberg troops in the center, and other miniatures patiently waiting......