30 June 2014

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 16

This is the next element of my Tsolyáni army:

Archers of the First Legion of Ever Present Glory 

These miniatures are only primed.  The lighter pair have been primed with Vallejo Grey Surface Primer.  After using the product on a few miniatures, I am not very happy with the results, as the finish seems to be very 'slippery' and does not take paint well.  It would not surprise me if I am doing it wrong, but there you go.

The other four have been primed with Liquitex Neutral Grey Gesso.  I have used black gesso on other miniatures in the past, but I have not tried it on my Tsolyáni troops as I am hoping that the lighter primer will help with making the colors of the Tékumel troops that much brighter in turn.  The grey gesso, though, seems to have a shiny finish, and it will be interesting to see how paint goes on to it.

I might just go to using black gesso as a primer for everything, depending on how my Aztecs look...



  1. So, Greg, how does one actually obtain Empire of the Petal Throne figures? I've seen references to them being available through Eureka Miniatures in Australia, but I can't find them anywhere on their site. I've always been attracted to the figures since they came out in the 70s. I'm thinking of doing some skirmish gaming, so not too many figures needed, but so far I can't find any.

  2. David,

    The place to go for Tékumel miniatures is:


    Some of the Eureka miniatures have not come back into production, but there are many new sets available.