01 October 2017

Painting table, October 2017

Seems just yesterday was the middle of June... time flies!  Here is a pic of what is occupying my table at the moment:

Infinity Nomads are slowly being assembled, still; the first group of Huaxtec are getting closer to completion with some basic shield work; an old project has been dusted off - Claymore Castings Scots; some Crann Tara 18th century figures; a 1/1200 Langton Anglo-Dutch vessel along with a 1/1200 Thoroughbred Figures CSS Arkansas; and a bit more progress on the Renault FT tanks for my SCW Republicans.

On a different note:

Fifteen years ago this past September 29 was the first time I met my lovely wife in person.  I took a bit of time to revisit those memories - first at a local Starbucks, then a walk up and down Alki Beach here in Seattle; here is a pic of the area:

This is the view from the western end of the beach, looking east.  Downtown Seattle, with the exception of the Space Needle, is hidden behind Duwamish Head (the green bit on the right).  The tide is in, just as it was fifteen years ago, but the weather was not this nice then.