20 February 2021

Scots, part 6

 Another addition to the Islemen contingent - these were finished some time ago:

Originally produced by Claymore Castings, now available from Antediluvan.


31 January 2021

Painting table, January 2021 - and a bit more

 Impetuous would be a good word with which to describe my approach to this hobby.  Just about anything is see and read about miniatures seems to be a Great Idea, and leads to a lot of informal planning and wishful thinking.  My bookshelves can tell that story well!  It also leads to adding just about any nifty blog to my Feedly files... and sensory overload is the usual result.  This has led to cursory, at best, scanning of blog topics and mass deletion of items, sometimes numbering several hundred posts.  

So, one experiment I am starting to try is a return to an older reader.  Before I found Feedly, I used The Old Reader (TOR), which is based upon the beloved and now defunct Google Reader.  TOR now has a maximum subscription limit for free accounts - 99 feeds - before one has to pay for a subscription.  Slowly, I am loading my TOR account with blogs, up to the free maximum, with the idea that this will enable to keep up with the torrential flood of digital distractions and allow me to participate again in discussions.

Hardware has not been overlooked in the recent past either - a new painting table has been assembled and filled with all sorts of figures and paints:

And this shows another enormous change - at the moment I have gone back to work on several Warhammer projects, both fantasy and sci-fi.  The decision was made, just over a year ago, to join up with my sons and work on projects with them.  I can not deny the amount of fun I am having, despite my glacial progress.

Historical projects have not been forgotten, and I'll post more about those in the future.


30 January 2021

Hello again ?

 Trying to sweep the dust off of this place... And sort out  the new interface.

My apologies to those bloggers that I follow as I just have not been able to keep up with everything.  Perhaps I can change that now.