29 October 2013

Ahoggyá, part 6

Here is a quick work-in-progress pic of my first element of Ahoggyá:

And, another:

Slowly, slowly coming along.  I am not staying with one color for the Ahoggyá.  This element will have some variation: two brown, one grey, and one buff.


23 October 2013

Foot troops, part 1

Another set of pics on some of my first purchases:

OT05 Scots Spear

 OT19 Billmen

All of these are from Claymore Castings.  It would not be too much of a stretch to interchange these miniatures, to add variety to your units.

21 October 2013


Well, the progress here has taken a bit of a back seat to the surprising amount of work I have done with my Tékumel miniatures, but I should mix it up.

I am still undecided on the color to paint the bases; once I finally make up my mind on that minor detail some of the bogles will be nearly complete.  Currently, I am thinking a mid-grey will work.  Also, the search continues for a uniform scheme for the lesquins, but nothing decisive there as well.

Pics, of course, when something gets done...

19 October 2013

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 14

Another week, another pic of my poor, abused Tékumel miniatures, specifically the First Legion of Ever Present Glory:

I painted the base, and after letting that dry coated the back half with Liquitex Matte Medium, then quickly dumped an assortment of flocking materials on the wet medium.  I am a bit concerned about the interior spaces of the base, where the brush found it difficult to reach.  I hope that I have not, once again, painted myself into a corner with these miniatures and my basing scheme.  The fluid but reasonably slow drying Matte Medium should do the trick, though, as compared to PVA or a similar glue.

This first base of troops will sit under the dusting of flock for a while, then we will see if it worked...

Meanwhile, another pic of a slightly different part of the desk:

More miniatures, waiting their turn!


12 October 2013

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 13

Another poorly lit pic:

Work continues on the rebasing of this fine legion.  On the left, the base has been replastered, and it will receive a new coat of paint shortly, then a new bit of flock for decoration.  On the right is the start of the command stand for the legion.  I have tried to save as much of the original groundwork with the command stand, but now I am not sure that was a good idea.  I will make it work, one way or another!

Also, one can see the difference in the shield trim.  I forgot to repaint the shield on the right-hand base before gluing it down.  Quite a difference.


05 October 2013

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 12

Just a brief update with a pic of some of my long-suffering miniatures representing the First Legion of Ever Present Glory:

That is the first element of them with their new shield trim.  The element is not done yet, as I still need to finish off the base.

Also shown in the pic:  some of my Sérudla, waiting their turn under the brush; a couple of priests and a Hlutrgú that just need their bases decorated; and some Ebor WSS troops...