23 November 2014

Huaxtecs, part 2

Some small progress on my Meso-American project - here are the Huaxtecs, among others:

Shown here with some Scots, Aztecs, and a few fantasy figures, the Huaxtecs are getting their base flesh color - I am using P3 Khardic Flesh.

Here is a closer pic - may be slightly NSFW:

All of the Huaxtec warriors are mounted onto 25mm round bases from Warbases.

Here is a pic with some flesh shading experimentation:

It is not a very good pic unfortunately  -  it shows the neat Khardic Flesh base on the right, and on the left is the aftermath of a heavy wash of P3 Idrian Flesh over the Khardic base.  P3 paints are on the satin side, which is not a bad thing but my picture taking skills just are not showing the contrast.