25 November 2010


Just a brief mention of the slow progress being made - three Ever Present Glory troops almost finished (near the center), just need the bases and overcoat; Eight Legion of Sérqu troops assembled and awaiting primer; Six Old Glory orc bowmen, with primer applied.

And, the full table pic:

These two pics might be the last ones from this workbench - we are preparing to move and the issue of space for this table is in doubt. We have a smaller table that I can use but it just would not be the same...


13 November 2010

The Qol and Hlutrgu have arrived

The first minis from the Tékumel Club have arrived - Qol and Hlutrgu!

Many thanks for Howard - he packs a nice parcel. Here is what was inside the box:

A nifty inner container, with Tékumel-style artwork! That picture is a stylised depiction of the history of Tékumel, from colonization to the current situation - roughly 60,000 years...

Inside that box were two plastic bags carefully wrapped in bubblewrap:

I ordered 1 Hlutrgu warband and 1 Qol horde. The labels explain the contents, and the art is a nice touch.

Here is the first group - Hlutrgu:

Fourteen minis in total. Please note that these minis are straight out of the bag, no cleaning or inking - these pics might not show all of the details. There is very little flash and the mold lines are limited.

Here is the 'command' group. From the left: drummer, champion, shaman/leader. The shaman has a staff (visible in the group pic above). The hands will need to be drilled out to accept javelins, which are not included - you must supply your own weapons.

More Hlutrgu. From the left: warrior, champion with hostage, warrior. You get five of each warrior pose with the warband. As with the command figures, hands need to be drilled out to accept your self-supplied weapon. I did notice that the metal used is bendy, and the ankles are a bit flexible. These are nice minis - I do need to find the proper colors for their skin!

Now, the Qol:

Eight (ahem - TEN) minis in this horde. One bonus - you get halberds with this pack. The 'hands' (their arms actually end in tentacles) do need to be drilled out to accept the halberds.

These are the halberdiers. There are four in each horde - two poses, two each. They are a little bigger than the Hlutrgu.

Qol swordsmen and bows.

Here is a comparison pic, 1 each Hlutrgu, Qol, and Tsolyani officer:

The Hlutrgu are a bit smaller than humans, which is exactly how they should be. These minis scale to each other very well. Can't wait to get some paint on them!


17 October 2010

Sérqu, Sword of The Empire part 2

Didn't feel like painting much today, so I got out the next unit of my Tsolyanu forces - Legion of Sérqu, Sword of the Empire, 14th Imperial Heavy Infantry.

Here is the start:

The first four minis. The spear shafts are plastic; the spear tips come with the mini. The demon-faced shield is not shown as I prefer to keep the shields separate until after the painting is done. I have slightly modified the trooper on the right to have his mace equipped instead of a spear. A few more of the Sérqu troops will have either a mace or a sword drawn.


13 October 2010

200 and 5

Not certain if this really calls for a celebration, but this post is number 200. It is also the fifth anniversary of the start of this blog... 200 posts in 5 years is not much - some bloggers get that many in a year or less, but I guess it is a mark of doggedness that I continue to slog along.

Projects have come and gone over that time: Tau, Empire, renaissance, Punic wars. Mini sizes also, with dabblings in 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, and 25mm.

At least the size is sorted at 25mm now; I just need to focus on getting things done and play some games!


12 October 2010

Shifting gears once again

Once again there is a change in the plan here. If you take a look at this post on Threwdish Ways, I write about switching sizes for the Half Continent project. That decision makes Battles in Fifteen redundant - it will not be deleted anytime soon but it will go stagnant.

For the project list, Tékumel is going well, with some new minis about to hit the market. My old fantasy mini lead pile is getting smaller, slowly, with the painting of the orcs and Reptus close behind. Two things will change in the coming year, though: I need to get serious with selling off minis and games that are just taking up space; and I am considering a new historical project (ha ha ha). But, the fantasy and Half Continent stuff need attention first.


10 October 2010

Old Glory orcs, part 2

I have spent a little brush-time with some of my older minis, and here are the pics to prove it:

They are still a work-in-progress but not much needs to be done, bases mostly and some details.

I have tried to keep the color scheme simple, with only the few repeat poses having much variation.

I am pleasantly surprised with the skin color - Reaper Pro Paints Ruddy Flesh with a wash of GW Ogryn Flesh, and the non-green orc look suits me just fine!

I have 2 more sword-armed orcs and 6 with axes, with the final set - 6 bows - on order, and these will be done...


02 October 2010


Nothing new yet, just a pic of the painting table. I cleared it off, putting away stuff that I'm not really working on and making room for something new. Some old projects are still on the table: Tékumel, orcs, WW1 naval, and 1866 naval.


11 September 2010

The project

I have always been a bit of a butterfly when it comes to projects. Most all periods of history fascinate me, and unfortunately that makes it hard to narrow down a project and keep focused. Take this post from Jet at Geektactica - lovely stuff there. Makes it hard for me to keep to the Greek/Persian project. So, I am also thinking about a 13th century set! The pertinent army lists would be Feudal French, Imperial German, and Communal Italian.

The big deciding factor will be the availability of good minis, although the feudal armies might mesh better with the eventual fantasy armies project...

In the good news department, the bases order from Litko has shipped, so I need to get going with getting some paint on my minis.

09 September 2010


If you remember back a bit on this blog, I had a problem with this:

The bows on the Ever Present Glory archers are fragile. That is now fixed, and below are the steps I took to repair it.

You will need a couple of tools to pin your mini:

1. A suitably thin piece of wire - I typically use brass, but steel is fine; even a paper clip will work.

2. Wire cutters, to trim your piece of wire to size.

3. A drill bit, just larger than the thickness of the wire.

Here is everything laid out (except the cutters, hmmm):

My secret weapon is there on the right. That is no ordinary drill bit - that is a high-speed bit salvaged from the recycle pile at one of the circuit board shops that I once worked at. They are sharper that the typical bit, and the 1/8" shank makes them easier to handle - I do not use a pin vise to use these bits; the shank is big enough to use by itself. The number on the collet - 74 - refers to the diameter, which in this case is 0.0225". I have seen these bits on sale at various hardware stores, so keep an eye out for them!

The drilling process underway - slow and steady is all you need with these sharp bits. The metal
Eureka uses is soft, which helps the process. You should stop every couple of turns to clean out the bit. You do not need to go far, a millimeter or so is enough - make sure to drill both pieces!

Once you have the holes drilled, then you need to cut your wire to size. I found out the hard way that small pieces of wire can go flying, so I cut the wire over a small cup or container, to make sure that I do not lose the pieces.

And the completed mini. I use super glue on both ends of the break to secure the wire and broken part in place.

Now, I can get back to paint... um, no - just broke another one!


06 September 2010

New download site for Impetus Fantasy

Previously, the rules for Impetus Fantasy were only on eSnips. They are now (as per this post on the Impetus forum) available through Hotfile - see this link

UPDATE (10-2011) - Basic Impetus Fantasy is now here as per this post on the Impetus forum.

UPDATE (10-2013) - Basic Impetus Fantasy is now on the main Impetus site - download it here.

UPDATE (07-2015) - Basic Impetus Fantasy is now available at Wargames Vault - get it here.


22 August 2010


Although it is more to support my Half Continent project at Threwdish Ways, I have ordered a small quantity of bases for Impetus from Litko. These are a mix of 3mm thickness plywood: 80mm x 20mm, 80mm x 30mm, 80mm x 40mm, and 80mm x 60mm. I did order enough to have just a little something to start my project here!

But, what is my project for this blog? I am going to start with Classical Greek topics, both the wars versus the Persians and the struggles between the Greeks themselves. This is going to be a slow-burning project, as I am still amassing research materials. I have a few books, and some other rules - mostly for inspiration. Obviously, the minis will be 15mm but what manufacturers? That remains to be seen...

10 August 2010


On the left I have added a series of links for Impetus-related information, including free downloads.


Just noticed that the visit count passed 16000 today... I would say Wow but this blog has been around since 2005 and that is not such an impressive number, even when you consider that I did not load up a counter until May 2007.

A sincere Thank You to all of the people (except those few spammers!) that stop by one of my corners of the 'Net!


07 August 2010

Blogs & stuff

What is going on here at the El Grego table? Well, I am trying to both narrow my focus and expand my coverage, if that makes any sense. By narrowing my focus, I am trying to only work on a limited set of projects (yeah right) and get something done. To help with that, I have narrowed down my project list a bit, I think, and mostly by scale:

28mm - only for skirmishes and sticking with fantasy. Right now focusing on Tékumel minis, but if I ever find those shields I will finish off that group of orcs...

15mm - mass battles, both historical and fantasy with Imagi-nation-style stuff also.

1/2400+1/3000 - naval, historical.

Makes sense, right?

So, here is the 'expand my coverage' bit:

Blog #1 - the one you are reading right now, The Pewter-Pixel Wars. This blog will be focused on 28mm skirmish games and minis.

Blog #2 - my naval gaming blog, Mini Ship Gaming. Historical naval gaming using 1/2400 and 1/3000 scale minis.

Blog #3 - the oddball blog, Threwdish Ways. This one is focused on the Half Continent, created by DM Cornish as set out in the Monster Blood Tattoo book series. There will be a mix of everything here, from skirmishes in 28mm to 15mm mass battles to naval games. This is my Imagi-nations blog!

Blog #4 - my mass battles blog, Battles in 15mm. The newest blog in the line-up, featuring the rules set Impetus. Eventually, this will have historical and fantasy armies and battles. If you are looking for more Impetus information, please visit/bookmark/follow this blog.

There you go. Hopefully you will find something interesting on one of them. It might not make much sense, but they do say - 'Dilution is the solution...'


Previous Impetus work

Just to start off, here is a link to one of my other blogs with posts about Impetus - hopefully I will remember to expand upon it here. I did not get very far with using 28mm minis for this project; 15mm will be a better fit for mass battles I think.

Starting off...

The first post!

This blog is going to be my repository of information and pics on my miniatures gaming activities in 15mm. It is intended that the main focus will be mass-battle games, not skirmishes which are covered more thoroughly on my main blog - Pewter-Pixel Wars. Historical and fantasy genres will be included.

The rules set that is leading the pack right now is Impetus, authored by Lorenzo Sartori and modified by others along the way.

01 August 2010

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 11

Just a brief bit of frustration to share this time:

The bows on Eureka's Ever Present Glory miniatures are a little bit fragile, as shown on the archer on the right. That is not the first bow I have broken in this group, but usually I catch the fracture before the bow comes off completely and fix it with super-glue. This one will need to be pinned for a more permanent fix...


24 July 2010

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 10

The inexorable push of progress (i.e. slow) on the First Legion of Ever Present Glory continues... 4 more minis completed:

A poor, poor pic - my apologies. These bring up the total of completed minis to 16 - 14 more to go, then on to Sérqu! Here is the WIP pile:

Still a lot of detail yet, although the 3 spears on the left are reasonably close to completion.


29 June 2010

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 9

The first set of my Ever Present Glory troops are finally completed!!

With spears level

With spears raised

Command group

The business end


Feels pretty good to get these done, especially since I purchased these minis just over three years ago. I'm not completely happy with the bases, but I think that they will look just fine on the table. Now, another 18 more to go, then I can start on Legion of Sérqu...


17 June 2010

Varnish experiment

There has been an obstacle to my finishing of miniatures lately - varnishing. I have been unable, for some time now, to use spray paint/primer/varnish due to the fumes and also the lack of a proper place for spraying. The primer problem was solved long ago - I now use either gesso or Reaper Master Series Brush-On Primer. But varnish has been a thorn in my side, until now.

Coyote, on his blog The General's Tent, advocated the use of Pebeo Matte Varnish. I was intrigued by this, as this varnish is water-soluble - not solvents or spirits for clean-up. So, I finally ordered a bottle and gave it a go.

Here is a pic of the test subjects:

These are some 15mm Essex minis, HYW or early renaissance, that Taeklonn had painted a long time ago. These have been coated with neat Future floor wax - gives them a nice glossy sheen which some people like. I don't mind it if on certain subjects - In The Grand Manner/Charge-style games with massive battalions of 18th century troops looks good with this approach - but not for most of my stuff. I am using it for a protective coat, and the ultimate test of the matte varnish.

Now, with the matte coat:

Quite a difference I do say! This is using neat Pebeo; it could be diluted slightly with some distilled water for better coverage; I might try that in the future. NOTE: This pic is only about 2 hours after the application of the matte varnish, it might be even more matte after 24 hrs.

A close-up of the sword-and-buckler on the right:

I deliberately left half of the shield untouched by the Pebeo just to see the difference.

The Pebeo product seems to work very well!


06 June 2010

A bit quiet

Just a quick update - things are a bit quiet here hobby-wise, with the work schedule warming up and now a sore and swollen left knee. Add a computer upgrade and you could have chaos!

I did make an important purchase that I hope to try out soon - some brush-on matte varnish for the miniatures. No chance yet to try it but that will happen soon - including pics...


01 May 2010

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 8

Just a brief update:

Slowly the First Legion takes form. I have started work on some archers, and the last of the spear-armed troops are nearing completion. I have decided not to convert the rest of the spearmen into swordsmen, with the exception of the one figure in the back row on the right.

Now this force just needs a priest or three and it will be all set.


28 March 2010

A pleasant surprise!

Over at his fine blog, LEVIATHAN, Leutenant Brittan recently reached his 100th post and, in a way of celebration, decided to mail off some of the spare pieces of his collection to his adoring fans!

Here is what he sent me:

Described as an 'Elven sorcerer on lizard' he is part resin and part metal. The detailing is very nice, although the metal head/neck piece makes the assembly rather front-heavy. I will need to find a suitable base for it.

I have never painted resin so this will be an adventure! And, since I have nothing in my collection that matches, a search for some suitable companions will commence with the goal of making an appropriate Song of Blades & Heroes warband.


27 March 2010

Old projects, part 2

Traveling down memory lane again with some more incomplete projects!

First off, Warzone:

Mishima ashigaru - Warzone was a big hit with some of the gamers around Seattle and these (and a few more ashigaru) were my contribution, and were the first 28mm minis I ever painted. These minis had not been out of the box, however, for many many years. I do not have any immediate plans for 28mm sci-fi skirmish gaming, but most are painted and still useful.

Status: Uncertain

Next, Heavy Gear:

Northern gears, and:

Southern gears. I bought quite a few (30+) HG minis, mostly on runs up to Vancouver B.C.'s finest game shop, Imperial Hobbies, back when the exchange rate was more favorable. I like the minis, but I find the game system to be a bit clunky, although I have not tried the new Blitz variant. I do not have any plans to start this project up again, and I really do not see using them in another setting. If anybody reading this is interested, please leave a comment - prefer trades!

Status: Heading toward the eBay pile


20 March 2010

On the table...

No major update for now, just a look at the overall situation:

Nice and cluttered! Lots of bits and pieces of projects on my painting table, including some stuff that are not part of any current project...


14 March 2010

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 7

Another brief update...

I have started to modify some of my Ever Present Glory troopers from carrying spears to swords. If I was a little more forward thinking this step would have been done long ago, as it is a bit more work to take apart a mini after you have already assembled it and started the painting!

I have removed his sword from the left side of his armor and removed the spear. (The remains of the spear have been safety tucked into my bits box for future use!) The right hand needed to be drilled out a second time as a chunk of the spear stayed in the hand - one of the perils of using plastic rod for the spears. I also feel fortunate that I was able to remove the sword in one piece as the metal used by Eureka is flexible and could have broken.

As the pommel will not fit through the hole drilled into the hand, I have cut the hilt of the sword into two pieces, to be glued into place later today.

All told, I have 24 Ever Present Glory troops, not including command types. 11 of these are being converted to sword-swingers...


05 March 2010

Some interesting Tekumel links...

Just some links to old and new Tékumel stuff on the 'Net:

Alfrik posts about his Atlanteans (we know them as Mu'ugalavyani) on his blog and at the Lead Adventure forum - a nice collection including non-humans!

Katherine J. Grantham's work has graced many official Tékumel publications - some of her work is posted at Elfwood.

Mark Allen is another illustrator working on Tékumel projects - lots of good stuff on his blog, Marjasall Productions.

And, if you are not reading Howard's The Tékumel Project blog and Chirine's chirine's workbench blog, you are missing out!

(This is by no means everything out on the web for Tékumel - just a few tidbits I have looked at recently)


28 February 2010

Old Glory orcs, part 1

Regular readers of this blog might remember my Piles Of Minis post way back last year, where I sorted through a bunch of old minis that had recently resurfaced. While working on my Tsolyanu minis, my orcs have also found some time under the paintbrush.

Here are some work-in-progress pics:

Pictured are two packs of orcs from Old Glory Miniatures Ghost line - Orcs with Scimitars and Orcs with Axes.

These minis are not top-of-the-line sculpts, but I like them a lot and they paint up easily. The sculpts are animated and I have only one repeat in the collection. My favorite is the orc in the back row, trying to be sneaky.

Here's a close-up:

The base skin color is Reaper Pro Paints Ruddy Flesh, with a wash or two of GW Ogryn Flesh. I did not want yet another set of green orcs. Greenskins have their place but not in this bunch. Sometime I will add some bow-armed orcs to the mix...


13 February 2010

Mustering Sérqu, Sword of The Empire

In an attempt to become more organized in both my painting and purchasing, I have dragged my Legion of Sérqu minis out into the light to get them into nice, orderly 'unit' groups PRIOR to painting them. At this moment, my 'unit' groups for heavy infantry consist of 6 minis. This unit size is specifically chosen for it's usefulness in a number of different rules I'm *still* researching - Fantasy Rules!, the yet-unreleased Song of Armies & Hordes from Ganesha Games, and maybe even some others like Fantasy Warriors, Irregular Miniature's Ancient Rules Box, or Command & Colors.

24 of Eureka Miniatures' finest Tékumel minis! (My apologies for the poor pics)

I must actually have 25 minis for Sérqu - one of the officers is missing from these pics (2 officers come with every large economy-size pack from Eureka). Obviously I have sent him off to join my special command stand unit with one from the Legion of Ever Present Glory and Kettukal himself.

One little project that I am going to try with Sérqu is to equip at least one unit with their handweapons instead of a long spear. These minis from Eureka come with two different ones - a sword or a mace. That should provide a bit of visual flair for the different units, and in skirmish games it will make quite a difference. If this works, I intend to convert some of my Ever Present Glory troops, especially the ones with leveled spears...


31 January 2010

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 6

This project has been sitting on the back burner for some time now, but definitely not forgotten:

You might notice that I have changed the basing from 7/8" round to 1" square. I have done this for a few reasons - the square basing fits in better with the square bases of my Warlord minis for skirmishing, and they will rank up much easier for mass battles (which I still want to do).

Here is another pic, with the command group added:

The first dozen or so of these minis are almost ready, they just need their bases finished and a clear-coat or three. But, of course, I am in the horns of a dilemma. The decision of what terrain style - temperate or arid - is going to decide what opponents I will procure for my Tsolyanu forces. I could go with a more arid climate, and use the excellent figures for the Yan Kor from Eureka, as seen here. I could use a temperate style, and then proxy some Mu'ugalavya minis while hoping and praying that The Tekumel Project will get to the Red Hats in the near future. Or, I could just pick something and not worry about Tekumeli 'canon' in regards to the terrain that these empires would fight over.


23 January 2010

The end of an empire...

The great plan has started, and in a grand way. I have started into motion a massive re-aligning of my projects - not just thinking, web surfing, and making notes - but a major change.

Almost three years ago, I was given the core of my Warhammer Empire army, the army box set that Taeklonn won in a raffle at his local GW shop. Add to that more gifts (more raffle prizes!) from my kids - Helblasters, Greatswords, many sprues of 5th edition spearmen and handgunners, and more. I think that I had over 2800pts, of which I had only purchased 6 minis: 1 box of metal Greatswords command, and 1 warrior priest for a total of $30.

Before the Empire project, the Tau had a place at my painting table. Fire Warriors, Crisis suits, a Broadside, a Hammerhead tank, Catachan Imperial Guard converted to gue'vasa, lots of drones.

Out of all of these minis, only the six Tau Stealth suits were completed.

So I made the decision to give these minis away - the Empire troops went back to Taeklonn, as he is the one that won them in the first place. And the Tau were given to Vahll, as in my collection were the remnants of his beginning 40K collection.

Partially painted minis, sprues, bitz, and books - now off to a better home.

I am a little sad that they are gone, but I know that my sons will get them into action.

I have to admit, though, that I did not give away all of my GW minis:

I have a few greenskins hidden about. Maybe someday...