13 November 2010

The Qol and Hlutrgu have arrived

The first minis from the Tékumel Club have arrived - Qol and Hlutrgu!

Many thanks for Howard - he packs a nice parcel. Here is what was inside the box:

A nifty inner container, with Tékumel-style artwork! That picture is a stylised depiction of the history of Tékumel, from colonization to the current situation - roughly 60,000 years...

Inside that box were two plastic bags carefully wrapped in bubblewrap:

I ordered 1 Hlutrgu warband and 1 Qol horde. The labels explain the contents, and the art is a nice touch.

Here is the first group - Hlutrgu:

Fourteen minis in total. Please note that these minis are straight out of the bag, no cleaning or inking - these pics might not show all of the details. There is very little flash and the mold lines are limited.

Here is the 'command' group. From the left: drummer, champion, shaman/leader. The shaman has a staff (visible in the group pic above). The hands will need to be drilled out to accept javelins, which are not included - you must supply your own weapons.

More Hlutrgu. From the left: warrior, champion with hostage, warrior. You get five of each warrior pose with the warband. As with the command figures, hands need to be drilled out to accept your self-supplied weapon. I did notice that the metal used is bendy, and the ankles are a bit flexible. These are nice minis - I do need to find the proper colors for their skin!

Now, the Qol:

Eight (ahem - TEN) minis in this horde. One bonus - you get halberds with this pack. The 'hands' (their arms actually end in tentacles) do need to be drilled out to accept the halberds.

These are the halberdiers. There are four in each horde - two poses, two each. They are a little bigger than the Hlutrgu.

Qol swordsmen and bows.

Here is a comparison pic, 1 each Hlutrgu, Qol, and Tsolyani officer:

The Hlutrgu are a bit smaller than humans, which is exactly how they should be. These minis scale to each other very well. Can't wait to get some paint on them!


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