28 October 2008

MMORPG, part 6

Things are moving along in the great shaman leveling race.  I have a goal - to get my shaman to at least level 56 by November 13, which is the day that the new expansion for World of Warcraft is available.  This is so my wife and I can group together when she rolls up her deathknight, which will start at level 55.  So far, my shaman is up to level 48, with 2 weeks to go.  It will be close, as I have a lot of overtime coming up at work.

We have been doing a lot of quests to level me up quickly.  Feawin has a level 70 hunter that is dragging me through those quests.  It is not my preferred method of leveling, but time is not on my side!


More blogs...

Here are a couple of blogs that I have been following:

Boromir & Kermit  - lots of fantasy armies and info, and frogs.  Yes, FROGS!

Iron Mitten  - Romans battling barbarians and each other; great minis and awesome line drawings!

Mordheim  - incredible terrain; lots of hints and ideas

Really good stuff!


22 October 2008


Just a brief post...

I have not done too much lately, as I can not seem to finalize on a rules set for my Tékumel minis.  My thoughts flit from rules to different rules, so I am recruiting Feawin into a rules-testing series.  I have some paper units from the Impetus Yahoo-group that we will try out, and I will make up some for Fantasy Rules! using some old 40mm bases I have stashed away.  And, Command & Colors: Ancients is waiting in the wings...

Probably should have done this long ago!


11 October 2008

A new Tékumel blog!

My friend Chirine has started up a brand-new blog - Chirine's Workbench !

Chirine has been collecting Tékumel minis since the 1970's, and has a huge assortment of canon and converted minis in 25/28mm.


05 October 2008

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 4

The first cohort of the Legion of Ever Present Glory slowly nears completion.  Here is the unit so far:

The paintwork is done, except for a clear coat.  If you look closely you will see the basing scheme on the graph paper.  Once again, I have changed my basing plan.  After more thought (and some direction from my friend
Chirine), I decided that single bases would be best.  I do want to have skirmish-scale battles with my Tékumel collection, so the large, unit basing style of Basic Impetus would not work.  But, I like many of the concepts used in Basic Impetus for basing, mainly using a different number of minis per unit as a quick guide to the function of the unit.  So, I worked up a method to have single bases  +  different amounts of minis per unit  +  consistent unit frontages at the same time.  I'll post about that at a later time.