22 October 2008


Just a brief post...

I have not done too much lately, as I can not seem to finalize on a rules set for my Tékumel minis.  My thoughts flit from rules to different rules, so I am recruiting Feawin into a rules-testing series.  I have some paper units from the Impetus Yahoo-group that we will try out, and I will make up some for Fantasy Rules! using some old 40mm bases I have stashed away.  And, Command & Colors: Ancients is waiting in the wings...

Probably should have done this long ago!



  1. Have you considered adapting Warhammer Ancient Battles? You already play Warhammer so it would be simple to slide into play Tekumel.

    You could focus all your energies on statting up troops instead of having to learn a new system and do that at the same time. In addition, I'm pretty sure there are a few historical armies that would mirror the Tekumel armies closely.


  2. I've thought about that, Eli, and I kind of want to try and keep the Empire project separate. Does not make much sense, but I don't really want to go down the Warhammer route completely. Plus, I have not played Warhammer very much at all - I just have a large army to paint!