05 October 2008

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 4

The first cohort of the Legion of Ever Present Glory slowly nears completion.  Here is the unit so far:

The paintwork is done, except for a clear coat.  If you look closely you will see the basing scheme on the graph paper.  Once again, I have changed my basing plan.  After more thought (and some direction from my friend
Chirine), I decided that single bases would be best.  I do want to have skirmish-scale battles with my Tékumel collection, so the large, unit basing style of Basic Impetus would not work.  But, I like many of the concepts used in Basic Impetus for basing, mainly using a different number of minis per unit as a quick guide to the function of the unit.  So, I worked up a method to have single bases  +  different amounts of minis per unit  +  consistent unit frontages at the same time.  I'll post about that at a later time.



  1. Those look nice. I have been eying these figs for a bit now. I think they would make great Lost World empire soldiers for pulp games.

  2. Thanks, Eli.

    Eureka's Tekumel minis would be great for pulp games.