27 September 2008

Empire Greatswords, part 4

A little bit of modification was in order for the standard bearer of my Greatswords unit.

I'm not yet brave enough to try a hand-painted flag, so I cut the staff from the right arm piece, just above the hand.  After a second look, I also removed the remainder of the staff that I had left above the hand.  It would be a lot easier to mount a new staff to the hand, rather than attempt to line up the two sections:

Looks reasonably straight!

And, the finished (but unpainted) product:

A little bit of decoration for the top finishes it off.

Now, for some flags.  I think that I will try to talk Feawin into helping me out with that, as she is much better with computer graphics than I am.  The base colors will be those of Nordland - blue and yellow.  I think that the flags for the core units, spearmen and swordsmen, should be a bit plain, with the veteran troops, like the Greatswords, adding some more detail.  The Army standards will need to be large and dramatic, as befitting an Army of the Empire.



  1. You may want to have a play with this little flag making tool... it may at least give you a starting point??


  2. An interesting link - thank you Steve!