17 July 2016

Huaxtec, part 9

A little bit more progress with the Mesoamerican project:

Another 21 Huaxtec warriors awaiting primer, with another 17 awaiting their turn under the knife and file.

One issue that is bothering me at the moment is the final look of the base.  I have some ideas bouncing around at the moment - here is one:

This is just flock and rocks.  I am considering tufts, but have not really made a decision yet.


09 July 2016

Trees, part 3

And, now for some experimentation with the trees.  I found an old plastic sign that looked perfect for a base:

The sign is approximately 8" x 11".  It is fairly thick, but can still be cut be scissors.

These are the trees that I am playing with first:

Little did I know that there would be a secret in the selection of these trees...

Here are a few pics taken as I tried to arrange the stumps to be eye-pleasing yet game-worthy:

I settled on the last pic as I thought the others were too dense for easy game-play.

I rounded off the corners and glued the stumps down to the pre-painted side:

Just needs some filler to smooth the stumps into the base and flocking.

And, here is what the nearly finished clump of trees looks like with a Crann Tara musketeer and a Minden mounted officer shown for scale:

I think that it looks about right, and the spacing should allow the troops to move around without too much trouble.

The surprise that I found in the package of trees was not expected - the trees and their stumps are not all the same size.  There are two different sizes of mounting pins on the trunks and their associated stumps in the package.  It is not a major problem, but a bit of a surprise.  I wonder if the newest package of trees - smaller than these - has the same feature.


02 July 2016

Painting table, July 2016

A brief update and pic:

Quite the variety pack again  -  (from the left)  Slingers for Tékumel, 15mm pikemen, SCW Nationalists newly based and awaiting primer, Huaxtec waiting patiently for a final basing decision, and some of my newest figures in the center front, with Crann Tara Savoia musketeers posing for different basing styles, and a handful of Russian artillery and crew from Fife & Drum, among other figures on my table...