25 December 2006

Merry Xmas!

Hello again,

I'm still looking at those photos of the previous 40K game... I think I will need the son to help me with the captions however.

I got some painting done; detail work on the Fire Warriors and Sniper Drones, and I finally glued together the last Sniper Drone controller. I just have two more Gun Drones to assemble before the entire force is up.

As the Tau are nearing completion, I am looking more and more at my Renaissance project. The rules are still the stumbling point, and along with that is the basing system. I am waffling back and forth about either single 20mm squares (Warhammer standard) or 60mm x 20mm stands (DBx standard). Single-figure stands will probably be the way, especially if I can find a good set of skirmish rules for the period. The single-figure stands can be used for the other multi-figure-base rules with slight modification. I will need to make unit trays for that, however; my son is making trays for his WH dwarves out of sheet plastic. I'm not certain how pikes work in a skirmish situation, but...