31 December 2013

Obligatory year-end post!

Along with most other bloggers, here is my take of the 'previous year/upcoming year' madness!

I have to admit, 2013 was an improvement over previous years.  Just on the blogging view, there were more posts here than several previous campaigns.  I do try to hold to the 'one-post-a-week' theory; it fell short this year but closer than before.

Some miniatures were actually finished in 2013!  My long-suffering First Legion of Ever Present Glory troops became the first to be fixed into the basing style that should work, no matter what comes.  Much more needs to be done, but progress, however small, can be stimulating and I hope the trend continues.

The element basing that I have chosen will also help me keep up some momentum.  It has been a sticking point for a longer time than it should have, but no more.  I will make the rules fit the basing and get on with it.

My Tékumel naval project also took a turn, for the better I believe.  Abandoning the 1/600 ships for 1/1200 might be seen by some as a step back, but I really think that it is going to work out in the long run and I am looking forward to getting on with this also.

There are a few other loose threads to deal with soon...

The first is the lack of game-play.  It has been far too long since I have pushed the troops around on a table-top (we are talking years here).  As the projects get farther along the line towards completion, that will be settled.  I am looking forward to the games, maybe even (though probably not this year) returning to local shows to play games, perhaps even hosting them!

Another is the nagging desire that I have to get a historical project off the ground.  Ancients would be the logical arena, but narrowing down 3000 years or so of history is a problem unto itself!  I really want to do something along historical lines, however;  we will see.

Finally, I want to say thanks to all of the people that visit/follow/comment at this little corner of the 'Net.

Happy New Year!


17 December 2013

Too quiet...

Unfortunately, I have been off-line for a bit, a situation that should be resolved by the week-end.  I have been able to get some things done, and pics will appear as proof soon.

No posts!

I am mostly off-line - our router decided on an early retirement!  The replacement should be here and working by the week-end...


06 December 2013

A brief note...

Some time ago, I had started up another blog (!!) concerning some medieval miniatures that I had purchased.  In the thought and hope of simplification, the posts from that blog (only a small amount) are being moved to this one, and the blog deleted.  Thanks to Alan for being the one and only follower over there!  If I ever get that bug again, I will continue the series here.


01 December 2013

MAATAC, maybe?

In a sudden fit of inspiration, I dug out those long-abused MAATAC miniatures of mine and subjected them to more torture:

Two views of the same thing!  Two Terrans, one Carnivoran, and two Entomolian vehicles wearing some snowy paint.  I did make the mistake of giving the center Terran a grey wash before putting down the camo pattern, and the Entomolian camo is not quite finished.