11 November 2008

Narrowing down the Rules choices...

I'm starting to narrow down the choice for the rules set that I want to use for my Tékumel gaming.  Under consideration are the following sets:

Fantasy Rules!  -  by ChipCo
Hordes of The Things  -  by WRG
Mighty Armies  -  by Rebel Miniatures
Command & Colors:  Ancients  -  by GMT Games
Impetus/Basic Impetus  -  by Dadi&Piombo

There is an excellent review of many of these games at Boromir & Kermit - link.

I'm still leaning towards Impetus.  One of the stalling points for the rules are the markers needed.  I saw some great ideas for markers at Ashton's Mordheim blog - link.  I am thinking that a shield on a small base, with a subdued number painted on, would work for a casualty marker.  Crossed swords might be good for a Disorder marker.  Impetus (as opposed to Basic Impetus) also uses a marker for Opportunity, where a unit can react to the opposition easier.