11 November 2008

Narrowing down the Rules choices...

I'm starting to narrow down the choice for the rules set that I want to use for my Tékumel gaming.  Under consideration are the following sets:

Fantasy Rules!  -  by ChipCo
Hordes of The Things  -  by WRG
Mighty Armies  -  by Rebel Miniatures
Command & Colors:  Ancients  -  by GMT Games
Impetus/Basic Impetus  -  by Dadi&Piombo

There is an excellent review of many of these games at Boromir & Kermit - link.

I'm still leaning towards Impetus.  One of the stalling points for the rules are the markers needed.  I saw some great ideas for markers at Ashton's Mordheim blog - link.  I am thinking that a shield on a small base, with a subdued number painted on, would work for a casualty marker.  Crossed swords might be good for a Disorder marker.  Impetus (as opposed to Basic Impetus) also uses a marker for Opportunity, where a unit can react to the opposition easier.



  1. Greg,

    I suddenly find myself in a similar position. A friend of mine has tasked me with finding a good system for playing homegrown fantasy armies. He wants to make use of his fast supply of 15mm fantasy.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Greg,

    Another group of rules that I personally rather like (and might interest you) are the Warrior Heroes and Warrior Kings rules from Two Hour Wargames.

    The latter set has been sold to somebody else who has spruced them up and added additional levels of detail. There is a download available on the Warriorkings yahoogroup - the re-done rules have yet to be published.


    The file is named "WKRulesDecDemo.pdf"



  3. not to complicate the choices, but, I have been considering Piquet for Tekumel. It might require some customization. But it has advantages in terms of formations, and adding custom events to the war decks.