01 September 2010

Slow progress

Small steps toward getting the first battalion done!

1. The minis are about half-way done with painting. I am finding that, for the mainly darkly-colored units, white primer is not such a good choice. The second battalion will be using black gesso for primer.

2. Bases - I forgot about the bases when I placed the order for the minis. So, I sent off an order with Litko - hopefully they will arrive later this month.

3. Rules - The delay in ordering bases corresponds with my indecision on a rules choice. In the end, I am going to try a modified Impetus set. Miniatures Wargames #322 has an interesting article on a conversion of Impetus to the AWI, which I am using as a starting point.

I'll post pics when I get something done!


  1. Cheers!

    With their short, wide 'overtrousers' these WSS miquelets almost look as if from the Half-Continent!

    Btw, is the bayonet known in the Half-Continent? DM Cornish's own illustrations show none attached close to the sword scabbard?

  2. The illustrations might not show them, but bayonets are specifically mentioned in the books.

  3. I look forward to the pics and more info re the rules. I am really enjoying your blog.
    best wishes

  4. I had meant to leave a comment concerning 28mm figures. I am tempted to try my hand at skirmishing- any suggestions for 28mm figures to use?
    p.s I thought the Spanish reenactors were excellent and very appropriate...