24 October 2010

25mm minis, part 1

The first order of 25mm minis, from Imperialist Enterprises, arrived a while ago but I am only now getting to take a close look at them. I ordered a wide variety of minis as a sampler in this small order, as I have never seen them up close before.

Left: MO-1 English officer, button hole lace Right: MO-3 English musketeer, on guard

The spontoon on the officer is a separate piece. I like the drawn sword, although it is a bit thin for a sword, more like a rapier.

Left: MO-5a English musketeer advancing, plain coat Right: M-12b English grenadier, marching

Left: M-18 Austrian musketeer, advancing Right: PO-1 Palatinate Musketeer, marching

Left: FO-1 French musketeer, advancing Right: FO-4 French flag officer

The French musketeer was a freebie thrown in by Mr Hagerty - thanks!

F-15a French dismounted dragoon

H2 - Heavy horse, running

Imperialist offers five different horses: 3 heavy and 2 medium. When one orders mounted figures, the choice of mount is yours.

M23b Austrian cuirassier, drawn pistol, tricorn

The saddle is cast with the rider as one piece.

So far I like the selections from Imperialist. All of the minis in this order measure 25mm from sole of foot to the forehead. There are some differences in sculpting, with some being smoother and some being more detailed. My favorite is the Palatinate musketeer, although all of them will be used in one fashion or another.


  1. Thanks for posting these interesting figures. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. I like the Austrian musketeer's hat...
    What do you think you need to add to these chaps?
    best wishes

  2. Not my period, but very nice figures indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice minis indeed, full of appropriate character for your project. The English grenadier could be turned into a haubardier and the French dismounted dragoon into an ambuscadier, I guess?

    Staying tuned to follow the developments of your project!

  4. I have finally decided to chart my own project:
    Do pop by...

  5. Most of these minis need a mottle (from the right shoulder) except the Palatinate fellow...

  6. Greg you sneeky beast you! I had no idea you had started playing in the Monster Blood Tattoo settings.

    I've been mumbling about doing this forever.

  7. Got to say, I'm not liking these figs. I think there's some better ones out there.
    I'm watching with great anticipation....

  8. For sure you already know and enjoyed D.M. Cornish's exciting uniform plates?

  9. Eli, I was trying to keep a low profile on this project, until my fearless French friend sounded the charge! :)