31 October 2010

Ships, part 1

Finally made it down to the hobby shop today and grabbed some materials for making some ships:

The thicker material - 0.060" and 0.080" - will be used as the base for the decks. The v-groove material will be the planking of the decks, and the assorted pieces are there Just-In-Case. I have plastic rod for the masts from other projects.

For the first build, I am going to try 1/1200 scale - an iron dought such as Coryphaeus would be approximately 8 cm in length, which is large enough for details and small enough to get several ships on the table for a game...


  1. What naval rules are you currently favouring...

    I look forward to seeing the ship as she progresses- don't forget to post some pictures of it at a variety of stages of construction!


  2. Sounds like a good scale to use, sir.

    -- Jeff on Vancouver Island

  3. Thanks Jeff - I might try a larger (1/600) model in the future, just for display.

    Alan, the choice of rules will be a tough one, enough for a series of posts! I think that most ACW/Ironclads rules will be suitable.