12 October 2010

Shifting gears once again

Once again there is a change in the plan here. If you take a look at this post on Threwdish Ways, I write about switching sizes for the Half Continent project. That decision makes Battles in Fifteen redundant - it will not be deleted anytime soon but it will go stagnant.

For the project list, Tékumel is going well, with some new minis about to hit the market. My old fantasy mini lead pile is getting smaller, slowly, with the painting of the orcs and Reptus close behind. Two things will change in the coming year, though: I need to get serious with selling off minis and games that are just taking up space; and I am considering a new historical project (ha ha ha). But, the fantasy and Half Continent stuff need attention first.



  1. Tekumel is -by far- the most fascinating and original unhistorical 'universe' I know (I discovered it as soon as it was published by TSR, so long ago: I was in a preferably 'alternate / 'Hyboria-like'- 'Ancient-Medieval' phase, by then). Since I was building a 'women only' army I bought only some Tsolyani light javelingirls.

    And of course the Lace Wars are my other (and currently prefered) favourite period on all fields.

    But... 'historical'?

  2. The 'historical' project that I am contemplating will be either medieval or late Pike & Shot... still very much in the planning stage so don't tell the wife!