13 October 2010

200 and 5

Not certain if this really calls for a celebration, but this post is number 200. It is also the fifth anniversary of the start of this blog... 200 posts in 5 years is not much - some bloggers get that many in a year or less, but I guess it is a mark of doggedness that I continue to slog along.

Projects have come and gone over that time: Tau, Empire, renaissance, Punic wars. Mini sizes also, with dabblings in 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, and 25mm.

At least the size is sorted at 25mm now; I just need to focus on getting things done and play some games!



  1. Its never the quantity only the quality that counts :-)

    Keep enjoying the blog - I know I do.

    Happy birthday - may you have many more


  2. Keep regaling us!

    If you definitively choose 25 mm, your 15mm Battle Honours Turks are sentenced to oblivion, but hopefully not the ('alternate'?) 18th C. project you mentioned there.


  3. Yep, the Turks might be up for sale, but the Half Continent project is going well so far, if slowly...