10 October 2010

Old Glory orcs, part 2

I have spent a little brush-time with some of my older minis, and here are the pics to prove it:

They are still a work-in-progress but not much needs to be done, bases mostly and some details.

I have tried to keep the color scheme simple, with only the few repeat poses having much variation.

I am pleasantly surprised with the skin color - Reaper Pro Paints Ruddy Flesh with a wash of GW Ogryn Flesh, and the non-green orc look suits me just fine!

I have 2 more sword-armed orcs and 6 with axes, with the final set - 6 bows - on order, and these will be done...



  1. Thay look really good. I've never liked Green orcs either.

  2. Green orcs are the curse of Games Workshop!

    Nicely painted minis!