Sunday, July 06, 2014

Aztecs, part 2 + orcs?

Some small progress:

Aztec eagle suits, from Eureka.  For eagle suits, of all the different factions, I am going to stay with natural colors, i.e. browns of various sorts.  Some sources list eagle suits as being in the brighter colors, blue, red, etc. but I am choosing to ignore them!  Besides, there are plenty of brightly-hued suits in the armies...

Here is the start of the Huaxtec-style suits.  These suits will be brightly colored.  Also in the pic:  a pair of Old Glory orc archers!  On a whim, I started to work on their skin color, just as a change of pace, even though those conquistadors are patiently waiting...

Another little project:

Here are some examples of my attempt to organize my painting choices - file cards with details on units.  These are for my first Aztec suits; as I am not too particular about specific paint choices they are not listed here, but I can see that other units, my Tékumel and Half Continent units especially, will also list the specific brand and type of paint used.


Monday, June 30, 2014

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 16

This is the next element of my Tsolyáni army:

Archers of the First Legion of Ever Present Glory 

These miniatures are only primed.  The lighter pair have been primed with Vallejo Grey Surface Primer.  After using the product on a few miniatures, I am not very happy with the results, as the finish seems to be very 'slippery' and does not take paint well.  It would not surprise me if I am doing it wrong, but there you go.

The other four have been primed with Liquitex Neutral Grey Gesso.  I have used black gesso on other miniatures in the past, but I have not tried it on my Tsolyáni troops as I am hoping that the lighter primer will help with making the colors of the Tékumel troops that much brighter in turn.  The grey gesso, though, seems to have a shiny finish, and it will be interesting to see how paint goes on to it.

I might just go to using black gesso as a primer for everything, depending on how my Aztecs look...


Saturday, June 28, 2014

The table as it were...

Just a brief post - what is on the painting table this Saturday?

In front are the Aztecs and conquistadors, Boschenberg musketeers, and nasty baskets (err, monsters)!  Also shown:  my next unit for the Tsolyáni forces, and more musketeers.

Not shown:  one of my week-end tasks is to go through and sort out a bunch of old paintbrushes, looking for those that are still usable. 

(And, this is post #300... )


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tékumel naval, part 12

Another 'for posterity's sake' pic, to remind me of exactly what sort of damage I did to a miniature (!):

This is the Langton Octeres, just prior to having the bow hacked and slashed.  This ship will be receiving the goblin's head, and a new ram...


Sunday, May 04, 2014

Ahoggyá, part 9

Finally, these are done!

Well, almost.  I see a spot or two of touch-up is needed, and the grey one might need a bit more matte varnish.

I tried to make the base a bit less green this time, as compared to the Ever Present Glory troops:

Partly by design, and partly by the difficulty of getting the adhesive under all of those legs, I think I succeeded.

Another angle:

Right rear flank.  This pic shows the shield design a bit better.  The halberds have a variety of symbols on them; they are mostly random, with the exception of the grey one - I tried to represent the circle of eight which IIRC is symbolic of the Ahoggyá reproductive ceremony.

One last pic:

Rear angle.  Much earlier in the process, I lamented about how I made a mistake when gluing the loose shields onto the left arms of the Ahoggyá, and this shows the problem quite clearly.  The shield face is pointing down, making it difficult to see while playing.

This is number 4 of approximately 27 elements I need for my Tsolyáni army in the Thámerü scenario...