Saturday, July 25, 2015

New book

It has arrived!

Above is a pic of the book that I won as part of the huge celebratory giveaway that Jon of Palouse Wargaming Journal used to mark the passing of some major blog mileposts.  The win was a big surprise to me, and I am hugely grateful for the gift - thanks again Jon!

As there are some very big changes going on here, I have yet to pop the tome open except briefly.  Hopefully, once the dust settles somewhat, I will give the book - a surprisingly hefty one - a thorough review as I have been wanting the book for some time.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 19

Slow progress, but progress:

A bit blurry, this pic shows the archer cohort for my First Legion of Ever Present Glory troops.  I was able to touch up the last details this morning, and after it dries for a day or two the figures will get a coat of matte varnish, then basing!  I am not too happy with the skin tones on these, but it is OK this time.

Next up for the Thámerü scenario, I might bring out the first unit from my Legion of Sérqu troops, or maybe I will pick up where I left off with the first set of the ladies from The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa...


Sunday, July 12, 2015

New bases for the Reptus, and Winner!

It has been a slow week for my hobbies, but I did manage to grab these:

These are the new bases for my Reptus troops, after I had to cut up the bases from some of the miniatures prior to stripping the paint.  I prefer round bases for skirmish types personally, so losing the square bases used previously is just fine.

And the big news of the week:  Over at the Palouse Wargaming Journal, Jon celebrated the crossing of some important milestones for his blog with a magnificent giveaway, and I won a copy of a book that I have desired for a long time, Neil Thomas' Ancient & Medieval Wargaming!  Pics will be posted upon arrival of course...


Sunday, July 05, 2015

Paint strip, part 1

Getting my Reptus force into a decent paint job, as mentioned in my previous post, requires me to start over with a new coat of primer (black this time).  So, another round of paint stripping.  Previously, I have used Dettol as a paint stripper.  It does seem to work well, but it is uncommon to find in the US.  Following the advice from my friend Chirine (his blog is here), I am trying Simple Green this time.

Here is a pic of the first set of Reptus miniatures, ready for a bath.  I had to cut the bases off of some of them, as I could not work them off without some damage to the somewhat thin ankles and soft metal of those miniatures.  Part of the renewal process for these figures is rebasing, and I am going with round bases instead of the square ones that come with the Reaper Warlord miniature packs.

And the container with some of the solution poured in.  Yes, Simple Green is green!

Now, to make sure that I do not forget about them...


Sunday, June 28, 2015

End of June Table

Finally cleared up the hobby table a bit, and immediately put more stuff on it!  As the pic shows:

Old and new projects there, with the Huaxtecs dominating, and those archers from the First Legion of Ever Present Glory, resplendent in blue, are on the left.  Along with those troops is the return of some Boschenberg musketeers from my Monster Blood Tattoo project and, making a table appearance after a very long absence, are some Reptus warriors.

The Huaxtecs have a fairly good coating of paint for their skin (close-ups at a later point).  Some will get tattoos, and their clothing and weapons need to be finished.  Then, there is the matter of their shields...

The Ever Present Glory archers are getting close to being finished also, with just some detail work and skin shading left to do.

The Boschenberg musketeers just need detailing also.  I am wondering if I should consolidate the posts from my usual Monster Blood Tattoo blog (link here) to this blog.

The Reptus miniatures are for an old fantasy skirmish project, and they will need to be stripped and restarted anew.  I have orcs, humans, and Reptus, while my lovely wife has elves, and I am slowly getting around to doing some actual work on them.  I feel a little more confident about my usually poor painting technique and I am willing to give it another go.  Of course another driving factor is the hobby budget, which is getting tight once again and new purchases are being directed into just one or maybe two projects.