Sunday, February 07, 2016

Review of Painting War #5 - Spanish Civil War

Herein is my review of the recently published book, Painting War #5 - Spanish Civil War by Rubén Torregrosa.

Front cover

Back cover

This volume is, depending on the source, 88 or 92 pages in length (curiously, the covers seem to be counted in the pagination), perfect-bound, and A4 in size.  It is printed in full color throughout.  Six of the pages are advertisements.  A few pages are given to basic painting explanations, but this is completely outshone by the specific painting guides.  

There are two, multi-page and fully photographed, step-by-step guides for painting miniatures, one a 1/72 scale militiawoman from Minairons, and the other an Empress Miniatures Carlist requete in 28mm.  Below is part of one of the guides:

I am not including many pics of the specific pages; just enough to illustrate my points hopefully.

And the bulk of the book, 39 pages, is used for painting details for different units of the Spanish Civil War, with one faction being used for each page.  From Andalusian militia to Condor Legion flak crews, the unit is very likely to be here.  Each unit has a listing of the specific Vallejo paints used for the miniature, and each page has a historical factoid and painting tips.

I have only a few issues with this volume.  One, scattered throughout are minor typesetting errors and misspellings.  Most are minor, but one stands out - 'let it fry' instead of 'let it dry.'  That one is a bit humorous!  Also, there are no hints to painting tanks - towed weapons, yes - but not for tanks.  It is my understanding that the author has a separate volume on painting vehicles.  The only issue that might be serious is a repetition of paragraphs.  The two paragraphs at the bottom of page 13 are repeated verbatim at the top of page 14.  It might not be a problem, but it is noticeable.  

Overall, this is an outstanding guide to the painting of miniatures for the Spanish Civil War, and I consider it to be $30 well spent!


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

SCW, part 2

The book buying continues...

Lovely, used but in almost perfect condition hardbacks, at a price that was almost impossible to ignore.  A brief glance through both of these tomes shows a lot of good information.  War Is Beautiful has an odd title, but it seems to be a great source of little details and background for the Spanish Civil War.


Hot off of the presses, this perfect-bound softcover is a magnificent source of painting information, right down to the specific paint used by the artist for the uniforms of dozens of different units, from militia to Foreign Legion. 


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Huaxtecs, part 6

(Potentially NSFW!)   

It has been a busy time here, but slow progress has been made.  Here are the first two Huaxtec, complete except for basing:

I am glad to see that the ink used for the tattoos did not run during the varnish stage!

And, a view of the hobby table:

Base colors for more Huaxtec shields in the lower left, more slow progress on the Shén in the upper left, and the rest of my stuff waiting patiently...


Saturday, January 23, 2016

SCW, part 1

The first test order of 20mm Spanish civil War figures, produced by Minairons and purchased from Scale Creep, has arrived:

Simple and attractive packaging.

And a nice painting guide on the back of the box.

Here are the contents of the Infantry box (excuse the poor pics):

Two NCOs, one with a rifle and the other with a SMG, and thirteen riflemen, in a mixture of poses with no repeats throughout.  One of the riflemen (third from the right of the top row) is a two-piece casting.  He is carrying a container (ammo?) on his left shoulder with the rifle separate.  These figures are very nice, with a minimum of flash and a variety of headgear that would be expected of a Republican force.

And, the contents of the HQ/Weapons box:

Standard bearer, two officers, two LMG, one Maxim HMG with three crew, one light mortar with three crew, and the two-piece rifleman - the only repeated pose between the two packs.

Flags are also included in the HQ/Weapons box:

Marvelous flags!

Of course, just two days after placing this order, I discover that Early War Miniatures is working on a comprehensive range of figures for The Abyssinian Conflict in 20mm!  Ahhh, decisions, decisions...


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Reptus, part 1

While planning the next set of projects, I have worked a bit on some of the older figures in the hobby mountain, my Reptus force from Reaper.  I left off, some time ago, with this post of  some of the Reptus going for a swim in some Simple Green:

After a few months, and some rebasing, they look like this:

The 3 figures that were soaking have a patina on them that seems to come off with some effort from a knife or file.  I do not expect that it will have an effect on the primer coat, however.

I also took some time to alter one of the Reptus figures.  I did not realize that I had a duplicate of one fellow, so the unsoaked figure received a slight modification - I removed the armored tail and sword blade from one Reptus and put them on the duplicate.  Here are the parts (in a poor pic):

The top pic shows the miniatures before swapping parts, and the bottom pic shows the new figure ready for assembly.  I did not use the razor saw to trim the parts, just some nail clippers.  The parts were drilled out for a small length of brass wire, using the drill bit shown.  These bits are some of the last of my stash from my old printed-circuit manufacturing days, and I find them to be a useful tool for drilling pewter or plastic.  The shank is 1/8" and can be rotated without the use of a pin vise.

And, after re-assembly, a side-by-side comparison:

Not a big difference, and one that would have no effect on gaming, but it was nice to get back into the swing of things.