Tuesday, March 10, 2015

On the interesting pages that can be encountered on blogs

I have a large number - but by no means exhaustive - of blogs that I follow on Feedly.  I look at all of the posts, but I seldom linger for long, and it is a rare event that I leave a comment.  But, today, I saw a blog entry that deserved more notice.

Over at Tin Soldiering On, there is a post about the blog's author winning a mug in another blog's give-away.  Now, while it is a very nice mug, there is something that I found much more interesting in the foreground.  This object is a ruler, from the old wargaming magazine Savage & Soldier, edited and published by Lynn Bodin.

Mr. Bodin was a fixture in the Seattle-area historical miniatures gaming scene in the earlier days.  My association with him was limited, as at that time I started miniatures gaming (1980's) I was in Spokane, at the other side of Washington state.  I would occasionally make the trip to the wet side for gaming conventions, and that I where I met Mr. Bodin.  I remember chatting with him about miniatures while he was setting up his game - Colonials of course! - and I was setting up one of my own using the Seekrieg naval rules.  He left on me an impression of amicability and knowledge, and patience with a teen-aged gamer.

Not long after this, Mr. Bodin passed away, in 1989 if I remember correctly, far too early for such a gentleman.  He is not forgotten.


Sunday, February 22, 2015


Sometimes, one finds the unexpected during completely mundane actions...

My lovely wife and I were doing the usual shopping chores yesterday.  After finding a few necessaries at the downtown Seattle Bartell's (drugstore chain), we stumbled upon a most unique, and very inexpensive (only $3) find:

The Fremont Troll (Wiki article here) is a fixture of Seattle tourism, and a pretty nifty place to visit.  I had no idea that there was a Chia version!  Now, I am not interested in the Chia part, but the troll itself...

The seeds will be put away just in case of some future need.  The troll will make an excellent and unusual terrain piece.  It would be great for any scenarios based in Seattle - Shadowrun would be an obvious choice, as any modern or post-apocalyptic game set in Seattle.

I will be using my Troll for my fantasy games, including Tékumel.  Could it be the likeness of a deity, even, perhaps, She Who Must Not Be Named?  The VW in its left hand is a bit small for a tubecar, but it could be an air car of the Ancients with a bit of embellishment.

One last pic:

First pic of the Troll out of the box.  It is approximately 7" wide, 5" deep, and 4" tall, which scales very well with 25/28mm figures, and would be a major terrain feature for 15mm.  The clay structure might pose a problem for painting - I bet it is quite porous - and that hole in the top of the head will need to be plugged.

More pics later!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tékumel novel available again!

As per this note from The Tékumel Foundation, M.A.R. Barker's first novel, The Man of Gold, has been re-released in electronic formats:

 - Kindle

 - Nook

 - Kobo.

Base retail price is US$5.99.  Although I do not usually buy e-books, this will be a very definite exception!  (I use the free Kindle reader for PC)


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 18 (and Mríssa too!)

A small measure of progress on the painting table today:

In this not-so-great pic, the archer cohort of my First Legion of Ever Present Glory troops has been visited by the paint-laden brush!  The armor is mostly done, now the bows, quivers, tunics, and other small details need to be finished.

Also in the pic above is the command cohort of my Arídani Legion of Lady Mríssa troops.  Nothing has been done to them for a long time, other than the first dabbings of flesh-colored paint on the first miniature.  I think that these miniatures are going to be among the hardest to paint for my Tsolyáni force, as the details are small and delicate and it will take some careful painting.  I am wondering if I should just paint over the slender chains fastening their skirts with flesh, then go back over the chains with a dark wash and a metallic drybrush.  It might make the process some what faster.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Agenda and other issues

Well, now that 2015 is rolling along, how about another one of those posts about what might get accomplished in it???

First off, 2015 has been declared the unofficial 'Year of Tékumel', as it was 40 years ago that the RPG Empire of the Petal Throne, by MAR Barker, was printed by TSR.  In honor of that, I am going to continue to work on my Tékumel miniatures, always with an eye to completing the goal of finishing my Ruins of Thámerü scenario, someday.  I have a fair number of Tsolyáni forces waiting for the production of the bulk of their opposition, the Yán Kór, to resume.  In addition to the Thámerü forces (an element-based force), I would like to get some skirmish forces together for Tékumel as well.

Alongside these troops, the Tékumel naval project waits patiently in the background.  

Not to be forgotten is my Mesoamerican project.  This one is going to be a bit slower of a wick to burn, but there are many miniatures to choose from.  Hopefully the budget will hold up to the task.  Some progress has been made, including this:

This is the 2nd edition of Irregular Wars, a rules set based on small unit forces during the Renaissance, including army lists for European, Mesoamerican, Middle Eastern, and Asian armies.  It has only just arrived, so a more detailed review will be forthcoming.

The medieval project, based around the fine miniatures from Claymore Castings, is being put on hold for the time being.  Just too much on my plate right now.  Besides, my lovely wife is more interested in the Mesoamerican stuff...

Speaking of a plate full, I also received this recently:

The latest book from Neil Thomas.  I will flip through the pages with starry eyes, and dream of one day having yet another project to accompany the many fine scenarios listed in it!  I can almost see starting up a 10mm project for the Seven Year's War...