Sunday, April 06, 2014

Ahoggyá, part 8

Painting is just about complete on my first element of Ahoggyá:

These are painted to represent the Legion of Gurúggma, 3rd Imperial Ahoggyá Auxiliary Heavy Infantry (say that 3 times fast!!).

And, now to base them up:

All of those arms and legs will make it a bit tricky; I plan to place one figure on the base at a time.


Saturday, April 05, 2014

An unexpected 'First'

There is a first time for everything!

I have been working with miniatures for a while, since the 80's, and I have never had this happen to me, until now:

My tube of super glue has run dry!  Typically, I replace them after the tip is so plugged up that they are not usable, or the glue inside has cured due to a leak.  But not this time!  And, it lasted a long time - this tube was opened at least 4 years ago...


Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Aztecs, part 1

The first of my Aztecs have been prepped for priming:

This is Eureka Miniatures pack 100AZT07, Eagle knights.  Not shown are the shields, which I try to leave off of miniatures, as it is easier to paint with them separate.  These are nice miniatures, if maybe a bit flat although the poses are most likely the culprit.  One word of caution - Eureka uses a soft, bendy metal and thin pieces can flex a lot.  I have put super glue on the handles of the macuahuitls (the 'cricket bat'-looking weapon) as they bent somewhat during their journey to my table.  They did not break, however.

And, the second set:

This is Eureka Miniatures pack 100AZT12, Huaxtec suit wearers.  In my original post, I stated that these were Huaxtecs, another Mesoamerican tribe.  They are not - these represent Aztecs wearing a Huaxtec-style suit, sort of similar to imitation Legionaires!  Huaxtecs were not considered a big threat by the Aztecs at the time of the Conquest, but once they were ferocious (and more numerous).  The problem with the bendy metal is not so obvious with the Huaxtec suit wearers, as the macuahuitl-wielding hand of the middle two miniatures in the above pic are a separate piece from the rest of the miniature.

Although it might seem daunting, I am looking forward to trying my hand at painting these chaps up!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dipping the toe into another era...

For a long time, I have thought about starting one last project, one that was historical in nature.  After a lot of mental wandering, and some input from my lovely wife, the solution might be at hand:

Mesoamerica is an interesting place in the 15-17th centuries.  Colorful, and yet brutal as well.  Conquistadors, Aztecs, and other smaller nations lend a lot of gaming potential, and it really was not a complete walk in the park for the Spanish...

This era has a lot to offer to me; the historical aspect is fairly well covered, and yet there is a lot that is not known about the period, especially between the native nations, that can make for interesting gaming.  There is a good selection of miniatures, in 15mm and 28mm sizes.  And, my lovely wife is interested in the period!

Of course, I did not stop with a couple of books:

These are some of the selections found at Eureka Miniatures USA.  All of these are 28mm.  On the top row are some Aztec Eagle Knights; center row is composed of sword and buckler Spanish; and on the bottom row - Huaxtecs.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ruins of Thámerü, part 2

The Tsolyáni forces for my scenario are a bit easier to calculate.  First, here is the original Order of Battle:

Heavy Infantry

900 from the Legion of Hnalla, 4th Imperial Heavy Infantry
600 from the Legion of Guruggmu, 3rd Imperial Auxiliary Heavy Infantry (Ahoggyá)
1000 from the Legion of The Splendour of Shényu, 4th Imperial Auxiliary Heavy Infantry (Shén)
2000 from the Legion of Mirkitani, 7th Imperial Heavy Infantry

Medium Infantry

1000 from the Legion of Tik-newk-ket, 1st Imperial Auxiliary Medium Infantry (Pé Chói)
2000 from the Legion of The Lord of Red Devastation, 18th Imperial Medium Infantry

Light Infantry

1000 from the Legion of The Joyful Clan of Vrayani, 3rd Imperial Slingers
900 from the Legion of Aerial Joy, 9th Imperial (Hláka)


400 from the Legion of Girikteshmu, 23rd Imperial Archers


75 medium and 20 light ballista from the Legion of Mengano the Jakallan


3000 locally-recruited peasants

Not quite as much shuffling was needed to revise this group:

2000 heavy infantry (with 500 archers) from the Legion of Sérqu
2000 heavy infantry (with 500 archers) from the First Legion of Ever Present Glory
500 heavy infantry from the Legion of Guruggmu (Ahoggyá)
1000 heavy infantry from the Legion of The City of Chri (Shén)

1500 medium infantry from the Aridani Legion of Lady Mríssa
1500 medium from the Legion of The Lord of Red Devastation

1000 light infantry from the Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle (slingers)
1000 light infantry from the Legion of Aerial Joy (Hláka)

75 medium ballista from the Legion of Mengano the Jakallan

3000 peasant rabble

Most notable in their absence are the archers of Girikteshmu, and the light ballista.  These were folded into the heavy infantry as archers.  The number of heavy infantry did go up a bit because of this.  The fine troops of the Legion of The Splendour of Shényu were replaced with their lesser counterparts of the City of Chri for the sole purpose of using the Legion's commander - a human dressed like a reptilian Shén!  And my choices for the other heavy infantry, Sérqu and Ever Present Glory, were in production and should return soon (I also have enough of them already, except the Sérqu archers... :)

Pé Chói miniatures are not available, but it seemed natural to replace them with the medium infantry of Lady Mríssa's legion.  These miniatures are in production!  And, it is my understanding that sculpting is proceeding on the Legion of The Lord of Red Devastation...

Once again, the Sapphire Kirtle slinger miniatures are in production, making the replacement of the Vrayani much easier.  The Hláka are also available.

The artillery will be a problem to acquire, and will need a suitable proxy, as well as the peasants.

With the exception of the peasants, I already possess about half of the miniatures needed for this Tsolyáni force.