Sunday, January 25, 2015

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 18 (and Mríssa too!)

A small measure of progress on the painting table today:

In this not-so-great pic, the archer cohort of my First Legion of Ever Present Glory troops has been visited by the paint-laden brush!  The armor is mostly done, now the bows, quivers, tunics, and other small details need to be finished.

Also in the pic above is the command cohort of of my Arídani Legion of Lady Mríssa troops.  Nothing has been done to them for a long time, other than the first dabbings of flesh-colored paint on the first miniature.  I think that these miniatures are going to be among the hardest to paint for my Tsolyáni force, as the details are small and delicate and it will take some careful painting.  I am wondering if I should just paint over the slender chains fastening their skirts with flesh, then go back over the chains with a dark wash and a metallic drybrush.  It might make the process some what faster.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Agenda and other issues

Well, now that 2015 is rolling along, how about another one of those posts about what might get accomplished in it???

First off, 2015 has been declared the unofficial 'Year of Tékumel', as it was 40 years ago that the RPG Empire of the Petal Throne, by MAR Barker, was printed by TSR.  In honor of that, I am going to continue to work on my Tékumel miniatures, always with an eye to completing the goal of finishing my Ruins of Thámerü scenario, someday.  I have a fair number of Tsolyáni forces waiting for the production of the bulk of their opposition, the Yán Kór, to resume.  In addition to the Thámerü forces (an element-based force), I would like to get some skirmish forces together for Tékumel as well.

Alongside these troops, the Tékumel naval project waits patiently in the background.  

Not to be forgotten is my Mesoamerican project.  This one is going to be a bit slower of a wick to burn, but there are many miniatures to choose from.  Hopefully the budget will hold up to the task.  Some progress has been made, including this:

This is the 2nd edition of Irregular Wars, a rules set based on small unit forces during the Renaissance, including army lists for European, Mesoamerican, Middle Eastern, and Asian armies.  It has only just arrived, so a more detailed review will be forthcoming.

The medieval project, based around the fine miniatures from Claymore Castings, is being put on hold for the time being.  Just too much on my plate right now.  Besides, my lovely wife is more interested in the Mesoamerican stuff...

Speaking of a plate full, I also received this recently:

The latest book from Neil Thomas.  I will flip through the pages with starry eyes, and dream of one day having yet another project to accompany the many fine scenarios listed in it!  I can almost see starting up a 10mm project for the Seven Year's War...


Friday, January 09, 2015

A new year...

Happy 2015 everybody - a bit late I know!

Just a brief post for now:

My painting table as of today.  

I will try to have a more substantial post later.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Huaxtecs, part 2

Some small progress on my Meso-American project - here are the Huaxtecs, among others:

Shown here with some Scots, Aztecs, and a few fantasy figures, the Huaxtecs are getting their base flesh color - I am using P3 Khardic Flesh.

Here is a closer pic - may be slightly NSFW:

All of the Huaxtec warriors are mounted onto 25mm round bases from Warbases.

Here is a pic with some flesh shading experimentation:

It is not a very good pic unfortunately  -  it shows the neat Khardic Flesh base on the right, and on the left is the aftermath of a heavy wash of P3 Idrian Flesh over the Khardic base.  P3 paints are on the satin side, which is not a bad thing but my picture taking skills just are not showing the contrast.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

The table, and other stuff

Nothing much going on here hobby-wise, especially as work has been a bit crazy.  I did take the time to clear off the table:

The table, before

The table, after

Cleared off and re-organized a bit.  I am wanting to start up another 'build' round, where I clean, assemble, and prime miniatures, as I have the Huaxtecs and Islemen patiently waiting.  Nothing is going to happen with those two groups until my recent base order comes in, however!  I was experimenting briefly with some trays I received from Warbases, hoping that my steel washers would fit into them, but the washers are just too large and I have little inclination to modify either the trays or the washers to suit.  So, a small order of bases, and a couple of trays, has been made and they will appear soon.

Now, if that was not enough, this appears:

Over at Grimsby Wargaming, Paul posted a brief review of this book.  I was intrigued, but it was the finding of the above-pictured book at a local used bookstore (a hardback 1st ed for only $6.50) that has set some more gears grinding - another project, yes quite probably!  But, most likely it will take the place of my Scots project - I might be able to morph both of them together, if I am careful, and maybe I am just more comfortable with a fantasy setting than a historical setting where I might be put under a microscope for 'accuracy'.  My lovely wife - the one that found the book at the store - is comfortable with either route which is always a good thing!