19 October 2013

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 14

Another week, another pic of my poor, abused Tékumel miniatures, specifically the First Legion of Ever Present Glory:

I painted the base, and after letting that dry coated the back half with Liquitex Matte Medium, then quickly dumped an assortment of flocking materials on the wet medium.  I am a bit concerned about the interior spaces of the base, where the brush found it difficult to reach.  I hope that I have not, once again, painted myself into a corner with these miniatures and my basing scheme.  The fluid but reasonably slow drying Matte Medium should do the trick, though, as compared to PVA or a similar glue.

This first base of troops will sit under the dusting of flock for a while, then we will see if it worked...

Meanwhile, another pic of a slightly different part of the desk:

More miniatures, waiting their turn!



  1. Very nice, great paintjob with this blue...

  2. Yes, the paintjob is very striking. Nice work!

  3. Thank you, but part of the credit must go to the lighting at my table, as it seems to give blues a boost!