28 September 2013


After a bit of a break, I have re-started work on this project.  But before I flood my hobby table with miniatures, I ought to put some thought into a plan!

First off, I do not intend to use the miniatures for skirmish battles, no matter how tempting it will be to do so.  This means that single basing is out, and element basing is in.

Second, rules.  I have a couple of sets that I think would be suitable.  My preference will lean towards simple and quick sets, suitable to element basing.

Third, a schedule of purchases.  Much of this will revolve around the rules chosen, so as to prevent too much duplication and overstock in miniatures actually needed for the project.  Also important for this aspect will be to have an actual list of units and therefore miniatures, flags, etc. to buy.  I am going to avoid willy-nilly purchases and then try to assemble units afterwards!

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