15 September 2013

Paint stripping, part 2

It has been a while since I started this little experiment.  But before seeing the results, here is a pic of the test subject before taking the plunge:

The little fellow on the right is the star of the stage.  I do not remember the name of the miniature; it is from a range of D&D miniatures from WoTC a decade or so ago.  I intend to use it for a slightly different genre - as seen here.

So, what happens after a two-and-a-half month soak in Dettol?

99% of the paint and primer came right off under a stream of hot water and some gentle scrubbing.  I think that if I had a stiffer brush most of the rest would have come off as well.  The miniature had a mixed bag of coatings on it - enamel primer and acrylic paints.  This is quite good enough to start over!  NOTE:  Do remember to wear some gloves and eye protection when handling/scrubbing miniatures fresh out of a stripping solution - the left-over paint was quite messy when I first removed the miniature from the vat...



  1. I did something similar with Detol, it does the job all right


  2. Did you have a lid on the container? I have found Detol goes white/cloudy after a week or so from what i assume is damp air when left open and I wonder if a lid would help?

  3. The container was sealed. I might have needed to put more Dettol in the jar; the miniature was barely covered...