30 August 2014

New books

A few new books occupy my shelves, new to me at least:

The newest one of the lot.  I picked this up on the recommendations of a person posting on The Wargames Website, a new forum/news source that started up recently.  There is an article in WS&S 70 about converting these from Dark Ages to Ancients - from there it should not be too hard to slot them into use for Tékumel battles!

An addition to my small set of Meso-American books:

This should be good for some background reading and illustrations.

And, two interesting prospects for new projects:

The first is an overview of the Punic Wars, and the second details the border conflicts of the Scots.  I see both of these eras as potential gaming projects, although the current CFO - my lovely wife - is most interested in the Scots.  It is kind of a win-win situation for me as either one is great!  This will not see much work until the Meso-American project gains more traction...



  1. Great books.I hope you have a great time reading them and being inspired by them too.