17 August 2014

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 17

The slightly cooler temps of late have seen me return to the painting table, if briefly:

These are the archers from the First Legion of Ever Present Glory.  After a base coat of Ceramcoat Ocean Reef Blue, they received a heavy wash of dilute Ceramcoat Phthalo Blue, then the flesh parts were picked out with Reaper Master Series Tanned Flesh.  They are looking a bit messy at the moment, but slowly they will look better as I pick out the details.



  1. What's not to like about troops awash in Ceramcoat's Ocean Reef Blue?

    On the historical front, it is a staple for Austro-Hungarian trousers from Napoleonic Wars through 1859 and USA infantry kersey trousers. It is a good, solid medium blue.

    Good coverage too!

  2. Hello Jon - I agree! All of my 'blue' troops start with it, even if it might not be the final color...