04 October 2014

Huaxtecs, part 1

After a hiatus of about 6 years, I have made a purchase off of eBay:

And an impressive purchase it is:  Xachoti's Huaxtec Warband, from the skilled sculptings of Steve Saleh and his Lucid Eye range, which, sadly seems to have gone quiet recently.

The warband is a group of 24 miniatures - one leader and a random assortment of others in the range.  The variety is quite good, with 7 different sculpts along with the leader, and a nice mix of weapons.

The castings, with the exception of one, are fairly free from flash and are well-cast.  I will say that for the most part these chaps are bent over a bit, as readying a final blow to a downed opponent.

The close-ups show the detail, especially in the faces.  Surprisingly, a few remind me of Celts with their upswept hair!

By comparison, they should mix well with my Eureka miniatures, although the Lucid Eye miniatures will be a bit taller - in the pic above the Eureka miniatures are mounted on washers.

I'm looking forward to getting some paint on these fellows!



  1. I think these would mix well with Gringo 40's Maya.

    (Myself, I am planning on using them a Chakan hill tribes.) ;-)