02 April 2014

Aztecs, part 1

The first of my Aztecs have been prepped for priming:

This is Eureka Miniatures pack 100AZT07, Eagle knights.  Not shown are the shields, which I try to leave off of miniatures, as it is easier to paint with them separate.  These are nice miniatures, if maybe a bit flat although the poses are most likely the culprit.  One word of caution - Eureka uses a soft, bendy metal and thin pieces can flex a lot.  I have put super glue on the handles of the macuahuitls (the 'cricket bat'-looking weapon) as they bent somewhat during their journey to my table.  They did not break, however.

And, the second set:

This is Eureka Miniatures pack 100AZT12, Huaxtec suit wearers.  In my original post, I stated that these were Huaxtecs, another Mesoamerican tribe.  They are not - these represent Aztecs wearing a Huaxtec-style suit, sort of similar to imitation Legionaires!  Huaxtecs were not considered a big threat by the Aztecs at the time of the Conquest, but once they were ferocious (and more numerous).  The problem with the bendy metal is not so obvious with the Huaxtec suit wearers, as the macuahuitl-wielding hand of the middle two miniatures in the above pic are a separate piece from the rest of the miniature.

Although it might seem daunting, I am looking forward to trying my hand at painting these chaps up!


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