27 March 2014

Dipping the toe into another era...

For a long time, I have thought about starting one last project, one that was historical in nature.  After a lot of mental wandering, and some input from my lovely wife, the solution might be at hand:

Mesoamerica is an interesting place in the 15-17th centuries.  Colorful, and yet brutal as well.  Conquistadors, Aztecs, and other smaller nations lend a lot of gaming potential, and it really was not a complete walk in the park for the Spanish...

This era has a lot to offer to me; the historical aspect is fairly well covered, and yet there is a lot that is not known about the period, especially between the native nations, that can make for interesting gaming.  There is a good selection of miniatures, in 15mm and 28mm sizes.  And, my lovely wife is interested in the period!

Of course, I did not stop with a couple of books:

These are some of the selections found at Eureka Miniatures USA.  All of these are 28mm.  On the top row are some Aztec Eagle Knights; center row is composed of sword and buckler Spanish; and on the bottom row - Huaxtecs.



  1. Exciting project- I look forward to finding out how it develops...

  2. Looks good, though last new project? Who you kidding? ;-)


  3. What is more fun than planning a new project? Are you doing this project in 15mm or 28mm?

  4. "Gringo's 28s" is coming out with Aztecs next month - timed for Salute in the UK.

  5. Thank you gentlemen!

    Ian - my poor brain and shrinking wallet can not take much more!

    Jon - These are 28's, but 15mm is still a possibility...

    Howard - The miniatures from Gringo's look awesome, can not make it to Salute though ;)