29 April 2006

Tau sniper drones part 1

Here is a look at the box...

and the contents...

I was a bit surprised by the clam-shell packaging. Maybe it has just been so long since I had bought some new GW merchandise, but I was expecting the styrofoam dividers. Oh well; clam-shells are certainly cleaner and probably less expensive. But I will miss the ability to make ruins from the packaging...

Here is a pic of something I didn't want to find:

That is going to take some time to clean up, and it is right on some of the engraved detail of the shoulder pad.

(NOTE: That is not a rant against GW. When I start my historical projects, I will be just as quick to point out their flaws as well.)

Here is the rail rifle on the sniper drones:

Beautifully cast, as are the antennas and the drone controller...

This will be a fun addition to my Tau force; hopefully I will get it assembled and painted before the end of the year!!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Greg,

    Nice pictures, thanks. That miscast/pitted piece, definitely go ahead and contact GW about it. They're usually very good about sending out replacement parts. And you can use the miscast one as "battle-damaged" piece! :-)

    Nice website, by the way! Especially impressed with your Tau Stealth Suits and the workbench.