08 November 2015

Huaxtecs, part 5

Slow progress to be sure, but the miniatures are starting to look good - here are some pics (possibly NSFW):

Here are some of the warriors wearing the tlahuiztli war suit, with 'hawk scratches' that are very characteristic of Huaxtec suit-wearers.  I have tried to introduce some variation in the fellows by having the hair and forehead feather fillet in different colors.  If I had thought more before starting, I would have switched some of the weapons around with some of the other figures, especially a maquahuitl or two.

Here are the other warriors, with a variety of weapons and tattoos.  

There are a lot of details that are not yet done, and the leader and his shamen are barely started, but it should not be too much longer...



  1. Greg, you are making good progress on these figures.
    What are your gaming plans for these?

  2. Jon, I intend to start with some skirmish scale games, then move up from there. I am not completely certain on the rules however.