20 January 2012

Shén, part 1

Here are some pics of the recently released Shén for Tékumel:

Front and rear pics of the Shén Diplomat (left) and Merchant (right).  The Diplomat has an intricately detailed cloak of feathers, and both miniatures have great scale details.

Two Shén berzerkers.  Again, great detail on the scales and a large shield.  The sword is interesting in that it is rather slender.

A better shot of the shield and axe.


1 comment:

  1. Those are superb figures and will go great in other games. The crests and scales look great and I hope they do not cause you too mush hassle to keep the quality crisp.

    You need to get these painted up please as I cannot make out the pattern on the shield

    Saying all that - is that sword going to be fragile?