10 January 2010

Old projects, part 1

The process of sifting through boxes of old minis has brought quite a few old projects to the light of day, so I thought that a few pics to keep a record of them were in order:

Ottoman Turks...

15mm Battle Honours (?), based for Napoleon's Battles, paper flag by Gary Leitzell - my first and only ready-to-go Napoleonics unit. I finished this some 13 years ago during a brief run-up for a group project to put a large quantity of Turks on the table. The project failed right as I received my order of more Battle Honours, Essex, and Jacobite minis. The painting scheme is from The Courier magazine, issues #68 and #69.

These and their unpainted brethren are: Keepers (although they will be used for 18th century battles, hopefully, but not anytime soon)


28mm Reaper Warlord - Still like these minis very much, even though the weapon proportions are a tad off (that is one thick and dull sword!) I have many of these, and Feawin has many Reaper Elves. We will not be using the Reaper rules, however; the mostly likely set is Song of Blades & Heroes.

Reptus and their Elven opposition: Keepers

Gear Krieg:

15mm - another project that got a late start and missed the local area's attention span. I am still fascinated with these minis although they are not nearly finished, but I don't really know what their future is. I do not like the standard rules for them from Dream Pod 9, and my collection is unbalanced - 9 US walkers many not assembled, 2 British walkers still in their package, and that curious vehicle in the first pic - that is my attempt to make a 'Spinner', a German armored car with a unique suspension almost like wheeled spider legs. The mini is a very old (and very dusty!) Battlefront Sdkfz 222 with the fender wells trimmed off, waiting for a new suspension... someday maybe, someday...

Status: Undecided



  1. Those Reptus look great - I'm glad you're keeping them mate. Would love to see them painted up for SBH.


  2. I'm stealing this paint scheme for one of my imagi-nation 28mm Jannisary units for the SYW. Nicely done---oh and I'm stealing the flag also! I thought I should tell you; I'll name them The Lambs of El Gee!


  3. Thanks, Ben!

    Poruchik, that is awesome - let me know how they perform under fire!