23 January 2010

The end of an empire...

The great plan has started, and in a grand way. I have started into motion a massive re-aligning of my projects - not just thinking, web surfing, and making notes - but a major change.

Almost three years ago, I was given the core of my Warhammer Empire army, the army box set that Taeklonn won in a raffle at his local GW shop. Add to that more gifts (more raffle prizes!) from my kids - Helblasters, Greatswords, many sprues of 5th edition spearmen and handgunners, and more. I think that I had over 2800pts, of which I had only purchased 6 minis: 1 box of metal Greatswords command, and 1 warrior priest for a total of $30.

Before the Empire project, the Tau had a place at my painting table. Fire Warriors, Crisis suits, a Broadside, a Hammerhead tank, Catachan Imperial Guard converted to gue'vasa, lots of drones.

Out of all of these minis, only the six Tau Stealth suits were completed.

So I made the decision to give these minis away - the Empire troops went back to Taeklonn, as he is the one that won them in the first place. And the Tau were given to Vahll, as in my collection were the remnants of his beginning 40K collection.

Partially painted minis, sprues, bitz, and books - now off to a better home.

I am a little sad that they are gone, but I know that my sons will get them into action.

I have to admit, though, that I did not give away all of my GW minis:

I have a few greenskins hidden about. Maybe someday...



  1. Tis' a far far better thing I do now than I have ever done before


    Well done the kids will love them and may even still let you play with them (if you promise to lose)

    You also cannot be accused of hoarding by the wife ;)

  2. I now how you feel about giving stuff away, and why is it that stuff you never paid for is often harder to give up then what you handed over your hard cash for?