03 January 2010

15mm beginnings

Been puttering around with the minis today, not really doing an actual inventory - more like 'recon' work. I have found that I have quite a number of different eras represented by 15mm minis. Here is a partial list:

Hittites and New Kingdom Egyptians
Saxons and Vikings
Late Medieval and Early Renaissance
18th century Ottomans and AWI
WW1 Belgians and British High Command
WW2 British, Germans
Modern-era militia (AK47 packs of some sort)
Sci-Fi plastic vehicles of several types

Some of these are represented by mere handfuls of minis. The Bronze Age collection totals 3 chariots, while the 20th century stuff is only a bit larger! I have a lot of Ottomans, the remnants of a project started 12 (?) years ago for a Napoleon's Battles Turk army - the others working on it bailed out right after I received my first order of minis... I have one unit of Janissaries painted and based around here someplace and that is the extent of progress that was ever made. I happen to like Turkish armies so they are keepers, the AWI and Naps will most likely go away.

The Saxons/Vikings/Medieval/Renaissance stuff is going to be rolled into fantasy armies in one way or another. I have dabbed a few of them with paints:

Essex Landsknechts, Saxons, a Viking, Hittite charioteers and a couple of Ral Partha orcs - very much works-in-progress although the Landsknechts are getting close.


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