31 January 2010

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 6

This project has been sitting on the back burner for some time now, but definitely not forgotten:

You might notice that I have changed the basing from 7/8" round to 1" square. I have done this for a few reasons - the square basing fits in better with the square bases of my Warlord minis for skirmishing, and they will rank up much easier for mass battles (which I still want to do).

Here is another pic, with the command group added:

The first dozen or so of these minis are almost ready, they just need their bases finished and a clear-coat or three. But, of course, I am in the horns of a dilemma. The decision of what terrain style - temperate or arid - is going to decide what opponents I will procure for my Tsolyanu forces. I could go with a more arid climate, and use the excellent figures for the Yan Kor from Eureka, as seen here. I could use a temperate style, and then proxy some Mu'ugalavya minis while hoping and praying that The Tekumel Project will get to the Red Hats in the near future. Or, I could just pick something and not worry about Tekumeli 'canon' in regards to the terrain that these empires would fight over.



  1. Looking good, Greg. That's certailny a vivid blue - workes very well.

    Best wishes


  2. Very nice work Greg. I'll be painting this Legion next with Tleku Miriya II.


  3. Sirs, you are both too kind. Thanks!

  4. Well, seems like the Yan Kor are available straight up, so, unless you have a strong affinity for the Mu'ugs, YK seems the logical choice to start. I am personally leaning towards Mu'ugs as I hope to RPG in and around Butrus during the attempt at occupation. So, I can suppor this, as I am interested to see what you use for proxies..

    good luck.