05 September 2011

Tékumel naval, part 5

A little bit of progress here with my first Tékumel-style naval vessel:

The original mini is a Xyston Hellenistic Quinquireme, which can be seen in its original form here.  In its Tékumel form, it shall be a Tsolyáni Qél.  I have changed around the deck somewhat as compared to the original, and readers of long standing will also notice that yet again I have changed my mind about the masts!!!    The base is a piece of 3mm thick plywood, 80mm by 40mm, from Litko.  

It is not quite completely assembled, as evidenced by the parts alongside the base, but it is really coming together this time and I am satisfied with my plan for the ultimate form.



  1. That's wild. Those Xyston are expensive models to begin with. Best, Dean

  2. Hi Dean,

    Minor additions compared to this:


    I have yet to take a hacksaw to one... yet!