12 November 2012

A few Tékumel miniatures...

Only brand-new to me, some of these have been out for a while:

Princess Vrísa Vishétru (L), and Lady Mríssa (R)

Princess Vrísa Vishétru of Saá Allaqi is one of the notable characters of the great force opposed to the blue-armored legions of the Petal Throne.  Lady Mríssa is the leader of The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa, a unit of medium infantry for the Petal Throne.  Lady Mríssa's shield is on it's side and when properly held would be rotated clockwise.

Prince Eselne (L) and Hláka messenger (R)

 This is the 'Imperial Messenger' vignette from The Tékumel Club offerings.  Prince Eselne is one of the many offspring of the Emperor on the Petal Throne.  Hláka are a small, winged sentient being, with three eyes and fur.

Hláka leader

Another Hláka, this one is the leader of a warband.  Hláka are often used as scouts as their skittish nature does not lend well to close combat, but they can and will use missile weapons - typically javelins - on their opponents from the air.



  1. They're quite different and quite nice.

  2. Always liked Empire of the Petal Throne and these are very nice miniatures

  3. Tékumel is the most original and richest Fantasy world I know of -even more than Glorantha. Tékumel minis are perfect for an Ancient-level civilization in a 'Lost Continent / Lost World' your adventurers / explorers can discover in any historical period from Pharaonic Egypt to the 'Pulp' era -though personally I'd favor pirates in tricornes :) They could also become 'pre-technological' Martians....

    Hlakas dropping firepots are also dreadful in sieges and even more against wooden ships: it's the main concern when introducing flying types, just as with gunpowder artillery the nature of warfare is changed, that of naval and siege warfare first.

    Hope the sculptor will surpass himself with the Tsolyani Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle.