19 March 2012

The prize has arrived!

As mentioned over at Big Lee's blog, I won a nifty DVD in a prize drawing.  And it has arrived!

Kudos to the Imperial War Museum for making the product 'All Regions' - yes it does work on my Region 1 machine; and many many thanks to Big Lee for the give-away!  I am going to give it some thought and see if I can come up with something around here that I can give-away in a similar fashion...



  1. I'm glad it arrived OK. I love watching these old Ministry films. The cynic in me can't help smiling at the unsophisticated attempt at propaganda that these films employ. I guess it was right for the times but to a modern audience its almost comical.

    At the weekend I bought another DVD of wartime government films, this time from a U.S. perspective. These were War Bond films aimed at inspiring patriotic generosity. The accents may be different but the techniques are exactly the same.

    Anyway I hope you enjoy the DVD and once again (for the dozenth time), Congratulations!

  2. Good to see the sharing and winning between the blogs, it's never a bad thing!