25 March 2012

Tékumel naval, part 6

One of the projects collecting dust (but not forgotten!) on my hobby desk is this little guy:

No, I have not made any actual 'progress' on the Qél, mostly because something was bothering me about it.  Something just did not look right.  Actually, it is several things...  First, the 'castle' as seen in the mid-deck seems very small - it could hold two maybe three marines at most.  Second, the steering oars near the stern of the vessel do not seem to be as prominent in the drawings of Tékumeli vessels in Qadárdàlikoi.  Third, the masts seem a bit close together.  But, that is just a symptom of another issue - the Xyston miniature is not quite the right length:

The piece of balsa is the average length of a Qél according to Qadárdàlikoi.  

So, what to do?

Despite the issues, I like the Xyston ships, but future builds might be slightly modified.  I'm thinking of omitting the steering oars and the foremast from the Qéls built after this one.  The Qél above will be kept in this configuration, and will be an archaic design kept around because it was some Tsolyanú admiral's first command.


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  1. I hope you get back to this at some point, a very worthwhile project!

    challenging too, I expect