11 March 2012

Rolling on...

After quite a bit of distraction from this project, I am ready to give it another go.  Perhaps I just needed to set it aside to let my thoughts come together for the right approach, or most likely it is the promise of some hobby funding for my fast-approaching birthday!

I am trying to put together an order for some 28mm miniatures and trying to decide between Ebor Miniatures and Front Rank Figures.  Both companies produce beautiful miniatures.  Ebor is the newcomer, with a limited selection at the moment, with many new figures to be produced soon.  Front Rank is the well-established standard to measure all others.  There is still some time before the funds are available, so I will research it some more and get some input from my chief artistic officer (my lovely wife)!

The naval aspect is also being reviewed.  I am wondering if I should stay at 1/1200 scale or move to another, perhaps 1/900 or 1/1800, although the largest rams would be 'very' large even in 1/1200 scale.  Fleet actions or skirmishes between squadrons will be the deciding factor and I am still working on that - either one works for my gaming table!


  1. Front Rank are those I have used- well worth considering...
    What about nickers?
    best wishes

  2. Hello Alan, how are you!

    FR are very nice, and have a great selection. One could not go wrong with them - I have yet to decide.

    Nickers - I thought your choices were rather good. I have a group of links saved someplace; I need to go through them once again to find some more good nickers...