10 December 2012

28mm figures, part 3

Quite some time ago, I received another small order from Ebor, and finally here are some pics...

On the left, WSSO01 Officer of Foot, and on the right, Drummer stood with loose head  WSSSD03.  The head on the drummer has already been glued down.  The pose of the drummer seems a bit awkward from this view but that might be the result of gluing the head down at an angle!

On the left, WSSO03 Officer/Ensign of Foot, and on the right, Officer/Ensign of Foot WSSO02.  The halfpikes are separate pieces.

These figures are very nice; the details on the cuffs and wigs are impressive.  I also enjoy the facial expressions.  Now, to just get some paint on them...


  1. Figures look like they have a great deal of potential.I look forward to seeing them painted...
    best wishes

  2. Glad to see the Half-Continent is not abandoned.

  3. Been looking at this range for some time now and started picking up some background reading material this year - the Grant books from Partizan Press and warfare in the Age of Marlborough.

    Looking forward to watching how you get on with these figures.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments, gents!

    Meri, it is my opinion that the Ebor WSS line is magnificent.