03 October 2015

Return to an old project?

Not much painting time here lately, just moving things around in an attempt to re-organize.

Here is a pic of the table:

The fantasy humans have been re-primed with a thin coat of gesso, and the square bases have been removed.  Unfortunately for the rest - and many other miniatures that are waiting off-stage - my stash of round slotta bases is very small, so they will need to wait for a while before getting based up again.

The Huaxtec continue to get some tattoo work, and in the rear rank one can see my Eagle warriors.  Eagle and Jaguar societies were not limited to just the Aztecs, so my Eureka Eagles have been transferred to the Huaxtec.  I am intending to make the core of my Aztec force around Foundry figures, but that is some time in the future.

And, in the foreground, are a couple of bags of miniatures that had been stored away for some time, and are going to make a comeback.  One can just read the business card in the photo from Claymore Castings, and the bags contain some of their excellent 14th century English and Scots.  As my wife is interested in her Scottish heritage, I will likely bring this dormant project back to the fore in the upcoming weeks.



  1. Your table and project certainly looks organized. Interestingly I was perusing the Claymore Castings site the other day too - I was surprised to see a lot of the figures not currently in stock. I was thinking of getting the mounted Hotspur figure.

  2. That is an interesting observation, Dean. I did notice that the unit packs were not listed, but Hotspur escaped my attention. Hopefully it is just a temporary setback...