26 June 2008

MMORPG, part 5

We are still playing WoW but the situation is a bit different now. We have moved (over the past couple of months) over to the Scryers realm - with the main focus being on the Alliance side now. I have a gnome mage - my time-honored MMO character race/profession combo that goes back all the way to Everquest - and I am slowly working him up in levels (now lvl 20).

There he is - just outside of the dwarven city of Ironforge at night.

Feawin has a gnomish character (among many others!) also:

Her character is a warlock, and the blue fellow in the background is her Voidwalker, a summoned spirit that does her bidding in combat situations.

We're having a good time - started a guild and slowly working it up, recruiting people but not being too serious about the game, just having fun.

Feawin has also discovered Spore - which could be quite the time-sink as well. The creature creator has a free version, and some of the critters are quite amusing...


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