22 June 2016

SCW Republicans, part 4

Just a few dabs of paint here and there on my first section of Republican infantry, but progress nonetheless:

Helmets are almost done, just need chin straps.  Also need to do haversacks and weapons of course.  I have tried to give a mix of helmet styles and colors.  The chap with the slightly bluish helmet is the assistant section leader, with my attempt at portraying an old WW1 French Adrian-style helmet.  Sticks out like a sore thumb, but one will always know which one he is.  With the section leader in a soft cap, the leaders should be reasonably easy to pick out on the battlefield during a game.



  1. Progress, indeed! Looking good too.


  2. Great start . We look forward to the final.

  3. Thank you, gentlemen. The section is slowly coming together, and might even be finished soon!